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It has been a busy few months at Authoritas and we have released quite a few useful new features since we last saw you at BrightonSEO in April.

For those coming to BrightonSEO later this week, we will be able to give you a demo of them and for those live streaming, we will be organising a private webinar event, so no FOMO there.

Casting our minds back to April 2019, we gave our customers and prospects a demo of Visibility Explorer and Market Share. Thanks to your feedback we have since built two new modules – FAQ Explorer and Campaign Visibility.

FAQ Explorer

Authoritas FAQ Explorer Module
Authoritas’ FAQ Explorer module (Jobs view)

Carrie, wrote an insightful post earlier this year about our new Frequently Asked Question Explorer which gives deeper insights into related search queries. It helps users discover what their customers are searching for and therefore gives the content marketing team different angles to approach various topics. Up to 30 Related Questions per topic can be generated. All this information then feeds into a company’s content strategy letting the content marketers write content they know their users are searching for. This helps save the team’s time and ensures their work, when published, will have a better chance of being consumed and shared by their audience.

FAQ Explorer in Spanish
Authoritas’ FAQ Explorer module (Results view – this example is in Spanish 🇪🇸)


And what’s more, we’ve now expanded it to 26 international markets, so if you’re trying to write new content for any website that is targeting any of these markets, we’ve got you covered!

Visibility Explorer

Visibility Explorer

This year also saw the release of Visibility Explorer. As I mentioned in a previous post, this new feature allows our users to see instant organic visibility on any domain from our 120 million keywords database, across 26 countries. The Visibility Explorer allows users to see universal rankings for their domain and multiple competitors over time with just one click !

  • Instant organic visibility on any domain from our commercial database of more than 120 million keywords – now also across 26 countries:











Great Britain






New Zealand





South Africa




United States

  • Comprehensive universal search analysis – so you can identify Direct Answers, People Also Ask, Videos, Tweets, Hotel Finder, Flight Finder, etc.
  • Ability to query a limitless number of domains and download hundreds of thousands of queries, complete with Search Volume, CPC and other useful metrics
  • Track visibility vs. competitors over time

Campaign Visibility

Authoritas’ Campaign Visibility module (Overview)

This brand new module allows users to not only see their keywords by tags, but also by groups. And come the end of the month, companies will be able to group domains together. We are currently working on this functionality with one client and will move this over to all our clients in September.


We continue to provide one of our essential services – a SERPs keyword ranking and keyword research API. This is what powers the keyword rankings you’ll see in both the Authoritas and Linkdex platforms and we’re continually monitoring and updating it. For example, we recently added ‘People Also Search For’ results (released on 25th April, right after the last BrightonSEO conference). We also added ‘Research Guides’ and ‘Refine By’ result types to the API which allows users to see if a search result generated these new SERPs features.

Research Guide
Example of ‘Research Guide’ result type
Refine by brand
Example of a ‘Refine By’ result type

As with all other result types, we can also tell you exactly where each result appeared on the page – yes, to the exact x/y pixel co-ordinates! – whether it would have been initially visible to the user (or hidden in a carousel) and whether it was above or below the fold. As Google continues to innovate, so will we.

Long-term Storage

An example of a parsed and stored SERPs API response (JSON format)

Customers using the platform and SERPs API can now also store the SERPs results for the duration of their contract with us and can access this data at anytime. For some of our customers, this means we’re storing a couple years worth of SERPs API results (both the parsed JSON response – see above example – and the actual HTML Google or another search engine returned). This therefore allows clients to look back in time and see what the SERPs looked like earlier in their campaigns. Please note that this is an additional service and so there is a small storage charge we have to pass on (please discuss this with your account manager, if you’re interested in making use of this service).

One Interface

Visibility Explorer
The Linkdex platform’s new (colourful) UI

In July last year we purchased Linkdex and since then we began moving to a new interface. We are still in the process of merging the two platforms into one as there are both complex platforms, but we are making good progress. Last month we completed a re-skin of the Linkdex platform to be in line with the Authoritas branding. We hope you like it!

Log File Analysis (BETA)

We can now intercept and break down log file data! This tool allows a user to see the different bots crawling the site, so it means you can see what areas of the site are being given the most attention by search engines and where they are experiencing problems and by which types of bot (good ones or bad ones).

By now Google is indexing the mobile version of your site using its GoogleBot user agent running on Android; but you will still see regular visits from its desktop bot. It’s really useful to check your log files (and there’s been plenty of solid SEO articles on log file analysis – this Ultimate Guide to Log File Analysis by Built Visible is a good starting point.

Common Client problems with Server Log analysis today (from a marketing perspective):

  • Log files are very large and difficult to move around.
  • Log files are often distributed across multiple servers (CDNs, etc)
  • Log file analysis requires a level of technical skills and setup that’s beyond most marketers and requires software to query and filter
  • Useful SEO insights are not highlighted automatically
  • Log files may be hard to access due to security or IT policies and the fact that they may contain personally identifiable information like IP addresses
  • Logs are not available in real-time and may take days to be ready

Questions our SEO Log File Analysis tool may help you to answer:

  • Which pages get more attention from Google’s mobile or desktop bot and how often are they visited?
  • Which status codes are the bots (and normal visitors) receiving? Are there any technical errors and issues affecting overall performance?
  • Are there pages that are slow to load and need attention?
  • What type of bots are visiting your site, from where, how frequently and what time of day?
  • Are there any suspicious bots? (Look for bots impersonating Google or other search engines).
  • Is the Googlebot (and other bot) traffic increasing or tailing off?

Hopefully, having access to a distilled version of your server logs will help you answer some of these questions and the more advanced SEO will be able to determine patterns in Googlebot’s behaviour and draw useful conclusions about how Google sees your site.

This is currently in a beta stage, but please get in touch and let us know if you’d like to try it out. The tool does require you to install a small bit of JS code on your site (but you can always put it in Google Tag Manager) and it only works on sites running PHP for now. It has been designed to load in milliseconds so it does not have a detrimental effect on your site’s page load speed.

Our software, automatically filters your traffic in real-time so it only sends us log data for bot traffic – no personally identifiable data like users’ IP addresses is passed to us.

Log File Analysis
Authoritas’ Log Analysis tool

Market Share Modules

Market Share
Authoritas’s Marketshare Overview module

Our Market Share section was released a couple of years ago and we have been working on it quietly in the background since. This consists of 7 closely related modules.

Market Share Recommendations
Get recommendations for new keyword and content opportunities automatically!

It will help you automatically find the best keyword opportunities for your site organised and clustered into keyword groups. You can also see common keywords across your top 100 competitors, the visibility of competitors as well as backlink data from Majestic (Trust Flow, Citation Flow, referring domains and number of backlinks). We can also share the market value of these terms (taking into account the CPC value and your expected organic visibility). Plus, it automatically generates recommendations of new keyword and content opportunities.

It is designed to analyse a whole industry in one go and can handle and prioritise your content gap analysis across millions of keywords. It works extremely well for the largest of eCommerce, Publishers and MNEs.

As it is an ‘Enterprise Only’ tool, please speak to your Account Manager about exploring the possibilities this in-depth data-science-driven module gives you.

If there are other features you are interested in but have not seen them here, please let us know. We will be at BrightonSEO and we will also be at International Search Summit. We are also turning 10 years old, come and celebrate with us, we have plenty of cupcakes and will have a nice big birthday cake too at Brighton!

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