New Inbound Link Quality Component Released!

Analytics SEO is pleased to announce that off the back of our major Version 4 update there has been a refresh to our Inbound Link Quality component, meaning it is now much more insightful and potentially a secret weapon for designing link building campaigns, competitive insights and winning new business.

The Inbound Link Quality component harnesses the power of Majestic SEO link data by offering powerful insights through visualising link popularity with segmentation via AC Rank. Settings include reporting with date ranges and the ability to toggle whether each competitor or AC Rank segment is displayed.

This offers instant feedback into the breakdown of competitor link profiles versus your own, helping you to develop a link strategy that will be the most effective (or hopefully show why your link profile is much better than your competitors!).

The optimise icon also takes you to a flexible table that enables users to drill into link data with options to filter by date, domain, AC Rank, link source, link target, anchor text, nofollow, redirected links then with 2 clicks you are able to convert suitable link prospects into tasks that pull through essential data about each link.

You can read more about how Majestic SEO AC Rank is calculated by clicking here.

Analytics SEO recommends developing the most well rounded and diverse link profiles possible for success as this will lead to a more natural link profile that is likely to rank well for a longer period of time. 

We hope you enjoy using the new tool and as always feedback is welcome, please contact me via blog comment, feedback and twitter @stevejlock or @analyticsseo. Also we have a number of videos that are scheduled for release soon that will focus on using the software and learning effective SEO techniques. Please also contact us if there are any videos or blog posts you would like to see and we would be happy to oblige!


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