New Product Manager – Alexander Albuquerque

Hi all,

A quick intro from me – my name is Alexander de Albuquerque and I’m the new Product Manager/Head of SEO at Analytics SEO.

My alliance with Analytics SEO has been on the cards for a very long time.

It was at one of the many trade shows I was attending (AdTech 2009) at the time that I first saw Laurence and Mark in a small booth – showing off the capabilities of what was then a piece of software that was very much in beta. I instantly fell in love with what I saw and from then on it was just a matter of time before we “tied the knot”.

But how do I fit into all of this?

I’ve been an SEO professional for a number of years – both in an agency environment and client-side. I had the privilege of working with some of the biggest brands in the world, as well as the smallest and most creative start-ups. Just like the people who use our software today I fully understand the everyday challenges faced by SEOs. I’ve also used a number of different tools to accomplish tasks. I’ve also had to tweak charts to enhance my sales pitch material, carry out ranking reports for clients and present the data when it wasn’t looking marvellous… explain to difficult clients why they can’t expect their no.1 ranking within 24hrs. Produce reports for 100+ clients while also finding time for my SEOs to focus on client-management. Present SEO stats to my in-house directors without making them fall asleep. I won’t even go into link building… but I think you get the point. Make no mistake, I’ve gotten my hands dirty for longer than I can remember.

All of this, off course, puts me in a very good position to understand exactly what an SEO tool needs to do, and most importantly, how it MUST help SEOs save time.

A few months previous to meeting Laurence my agency at the time was planning on building their own SEO tool. Just like many SEO agencies out there, they grew frustrated with using various tools to accomplish the same task so they decided to build their own. It was a project that I was really looking forward to – I had produced my initial conceptual designs and was working closely with the designers on usability – but, like most things in life, priorities changed and the project got put on hold.

Weeks later, I stumbled upon Laurence and his “green” software. It all made sense.

I have now joined the team (and what a powerful team they are!) as Product Manager and will work my hands to-the-bone to make sure we deliver nothing but excellence.

The areas of “time saving”, “usability” and “market depth” are top of my agenda and I’m confident that you will all be very impressed with the new features we will be bringing to your doorstep within the coming months.

Consider me your primary contact for any new ideas, general feedback or even complaints! Lay it all on me! Your feedback is essential and I will personally make sure that everyone has their views considered and where appropriate, applied.

Together we can build a truly unique platform that has the user at the very heart of it.

Have a wonderful week,


By: Alex Albuquerque

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