New server has arrived!

New SEO Services Server

Exciting times! Our new server is now installed and running, and it’s a beast!


This server is responsible for all the heavy lifting which makes the site work – it does all the work of gathering data about your website, and making sense of all that data. As you might expect, this needs a fair amount of grunt – we’ve got a pair of quad-core Xeons chugging away there, backed up by 24GB RAM, and a whole bunch of 10k 2.5" SAS disks (these have the same performance characteristics as 15k 3.5" disks) in RAID 10 keeping all that data safe.

This should see the end of the service availability issues we’ve had over the past two weeks as the old server finally ran out of steam. Thank-you all for bearing with us during this time.

Please do let us know if you are experiencing any issues at all with any aspect of the system – and do give us your feedback on what you new features you would like to see on the site soon.



By: Mark Bennett

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