New Site Features – Added a Site Configuration Wizard

We’ve just released another update to the site, which brings these great new features in response to customer feedback: 

  • Added a Site Configuration Wizard to get your new sites up and running in the tool really quickly and easily. This Wizard can be run at any time after you’ve set up a site using the new link on your Settings tab.
  • Added commentary to the Site Audit tab in the dashboard – get an easy-to-read summary of where you currently stand, and how it’s changed.

  • Added "select all" to tasks with lots of checkboxes – some tasks already had this, but now they all have it.
  • Added support for country targeting – you can set the country your website is targeting on your Settings tab (or you can choose global targeting) and your keyword ranking reports and other metrics will be based on search results for that country. We are expanding the list, but if there’s a particular country you want to see there then do let us know!
  • Added support for manual link prospects – in addition to the link prospects we find for you, you can now add your own manually, then use our link acquistion tools and reporting to help get that link. If you’ve been maintaining this information on a spreadsheet in the past, you can even import it in bulk. You’ll find the task under "Things To Do" on your Off-Site tab in the dashboard, and on the Workload tab.

  • Highlight competitors on competitive position table – this shows all the sites competing for your keywords in the SERPs, so we now highlight those you have identified specifically as your  main competitors. 
  • New chart on the Site Audit tab showing your home page download speed over time compared with your competitors.  With speed rumoured to be an increasingly important factor for SEO, clearly this is going to be more important than ever. (Sorry, about the quality and size of the image – right click and view image to see the detail).

As always, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on the tool, and any suggestions how we can make it even better!

By: Mark Bennett

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