New Site Features – Download SEO Reports to PowerPoint or PDF

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now download all the relevant charts and tables for your website straight to a PowerPoint presentation or an editable PDF file.

Below is an example download from the Analytics SEO ‘Overview’ tab.  If you click on the PDF, Excel or Powerpoint icon from the right hand column you will get a complete download of all the SEO analysis we hold for your website and your competitors.

You can also go to any other tab within the ‘Dashboard’ and download just that page of data to PDF or Powerpoint or Excel.

At the moment, the background image is our corporate PowerPoint template which is embedded as an image on each slide.  This does mean that you need to delete this image on each slide and replace with your own slide master.  We’ll shortly be adding the facility to add your own .POT PowerPoint template(s) to save you even more time.

You can also now download a complete report to PDF from the ‘Overview’ tab.  When you click to download the information you get an option to create a first page for your report which allows you to customise your report with your own title, description, logo and contact details.

Here is an example SEO Report PDF file. SEO Own-branded PDF Report

We’ve already had lots of you tell us how much time these downloadable reports are saving you which is great.

If you have any suggestions as to how to improve things further then please do post something below.

By: Laurie OToole

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