New Site Features – Improved our domain age checking process

We’ve been hard at work making it clearer exactly what data we’ve got about your site, what we’re still busy collecting, and what you need to do to help get that data. In the past, if we didn’t have any data for a chart or table, we would not display it. Now, we will display a blank chart or table, along with an explanation of why there is no data yet, and what you need to do (if anything) to get that data:

charts and tables with no data

In addition, we’ve:

  • improved our domain age checking process
  • fixed a bug which included internal links in our link reporting
  • removed the distinction between "campaign competitors" and "general competitors" – there are now just campaign competitors, but when you create a new campaign we make it really easy to copy across the competitors from a previous campaign

By: Mark Bennett

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