New Site Features – Multi-campaign dashboard

The Analytics SEO tech team have been busy again, and we’ve got some more great new features for you: 

  • Multi-campaign dashboard – this shows at-a-glance how all your sites and campaigns are performing, and if all the essential setup tasks have been done for each one. This is available on the Overview tab. The table is fully sortable, and clicking on any of the data will take you to the right place on the site to find out more detail.

Multiple Site SEO Manager

We’ve got lots of great ideas about ways to make this feature even better, but we’d love to hear your ideas too on our feedback page.

  • We’ve moved around some of the charts and tables on the various dashboard tabs to make each tab more focussed, and to prevent those "which tab did I see that chart on?" moments
  • You can now delete a site you have been managing on the Settings tab. This is particularly useful if you want to stop managing a site and start managing a new one without having to buy an additional site management license.
  • Improved performance of site crawler, with prioritisation for new sites
  • In response to feedback from our users, we’ve removed the "three things to do first" links from the top of each tab – these were often either not noticed or simply caused confusion, and they have been made redundant by the Site Configuration Wizard in the last site update
  • Added a pager to the Workload tab – as people use the site more, the workload gets longer, and on very long workloads the page gets pretty slow to load. We’ve added a pager to keep the page nice and quick.
  • Added a new chart to the Off-Site tab to show the average quality of the inbound links to your site over time:

Inbound Link Quality Score

  • You can now set a default tab on your Settings tab. We know that some people are going to want to see the new Overview page when they first come into the dashboard section of the site, while others would rather see the competitor information on the Objectives tab, or perhaps go straight into the Workload. Now you can choose for yourself.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Keep checking back for more updates to the site  (or better yet, subscribe to the feed) – we’ve got lots of great improvements planned!

By: Mark Bennett

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