(Not Provided) Solution – IntelliTraffic™ Launch

Study of 4,000 websites reveals Google is hiding nearly 9 out of 10 keyword searches

London, May 28th 2014

The latest research of web analytics traffic from 4,000 international websites shows that the average (Not Provided) rate is now 84%.  This means that marketers now have little or no idea of how users are finding their websites.  This makes modern online marketing using the latest SEO and content marketing techniques almost impossible…until today.

On the back of its latest research study published today, Analytics SEO (an innovative SEO Software platform for SEO agencies and their Enterprise clients) has launched IntelliTraffic™ its solution for getting your hidden keyword data back.

Laurence O’Toole, CEO of Analytics SEO, commenting on the study and the launch of IntelliTraffic™ said, “In recent years marketers worldwide have started to see the benefits of SEO and content marketing as the most cost-effective way to promote their sites, rank better in the search engines and make more money online.  But since 2011 Google has slowly eroded the vital keyword information marketers need to run their SEO and content marketing campaigns effectively.  Now with IntelliTraffic™, our ‘Not Provided’ solution, content marketers can now see whether the new pages or websites they are building are attracting the right audience – they are no longer left in the dark.  Google turned off the lights on keyword data for marketers; we’ve just switched them on again”.

The IntelliTraffic™ algorithm automatically calculates the probable visits for your keywords every day using;

  • Data from Analytics SEO’s proprietary database of millions of keywords
  • Statistical models of consumer demand and search behaviour on search engines
  • Integration with clients’ Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools accounts data

Having automatic access to this hidden keyword data once again will save marketers countless hours trying to piece this missing ‘Not Provided’ data back together themselves and will give marketers much-needed insights into whether their SEO and content marketing campaigns are working or not.

Marketers interested in getting their keyword data back can trial the IntelliTraffic™ solution for 14 days when they sign-up for any free or paid Analytics SEO account.

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