Organic Breadth and Depth

Analytics SEO tutorial on the Organic Breadth and Depth component.

This component is a good example of the benefit of mixing different data sources within the system. It shows indexation over time (this dark blue line), plotted against organic visit data taken from Google Analytics which is split into non-branded and branded visits – the split between branded and non-branded terms is made using the brand filter you setup in the Keyword Research section of the software, which is found behind the Monitored Keywords component.

There are a few ways in which examining this SEO data can be useful. Firstly, it can help identify if your non-branded traffic is following any large-scalechanges in the number of pages of your site as such changes should be picked by the indexes’ bots. The more pages you add, should in general mean that your site will rank for more terms or rank better for the same terms and that your non-branded traffic should increase. Obviously, this is a generalisation, but it something you should need to monitor.

Similarly, if you or your client have recently embarked on any brand advertising or recently launched a new product range, for example, together with a dedicated internal microsite, you might expect to see an increase in your branded traffic.

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