Press Release – Half of small business Websites Are Not Search Engine Optimised!

Research Study: The State of UK Business Websites 2010

London – 20 July, has teamed up with Analytics SEO to publish the UK’s first Audit of small business websites. The findings were shocking; most worryingly almost half of the 1,000 websites analysed were found to have either very basic SEO or in the worst cases absolutely none.

Analytics SEO set out 30 criteria as key signals of SEO quality and feed them into their pioneering SEO software that was able to automatically and simultaneously audit all 1,000 sites. The areas that stood out most were that over 70% of companies with less than 50 employees had almost no SEO on their sites; whilst 74% had absolutely no website analytics software to track website visits.

Jill Pringle, Marketing Director,, who commissioned the research, said “Thomson Local has been helping customers find local suppliers for decades; now more than ever consumers are turning to search engines like Google and Bing, as well as local search websites like Thomson for help in finding the best local suppliers. Local businesses need to wake up to the fact that investing in better quality websites with original content can bring them new customers more quickly, and ensuring that the website they build is search engine friendly is essential in today’s market.”

Laurence O’Toole, Managing Director of Analytics SEO added “We are used to seeing poor websites, as it is our business to identify and fix poorly optimised websites, but we were really surprised at how many SMEs still have not invested in SEO. Companies need to adopt a new approach to their online presence. They have to ensure that their sites are built according to well established industry guidelines and fully optimised for search engines. Even if a company does not have a transactional website, the adverse effect on sales of a poor website could be substantial.”

Research Study: The State of UK Business Websites 2010

Key Findings:

  • 47% of all business websites have none or very basic levels of SEO
  • Over 70% of companies with less than 50 employees have none or very basic levels of SEO
  • 74% have no basic website analytics software for tracking site visits
  • 12% of all business websites are not indexed in any search engine
  • 0.6% of business websites are under construction
  • Only 3% of all business websites could be considered to have advanced levels of SEO
  • 82% have no HTML sitemap
  • 75% have no XML sitemap
  • 69% have no Robots.txt file configured
  • 35% do not have unique Page Titles
  • 56% do not have unique Page Descriptions

For a free copy of the full research study of UK business websites – please visit

Products and Services Provided by Thomson Directories and Analytics SEO

  • Analytics SEO have developed unique automated search engine optimisation software available as SAAS (software as a service) – Currently being used by 4 out of the Top 10 UK SEO Agencies
  • has launched its own range of SEO friendly websites for SMEs that are user-friendly and search-engine friendly

Note to Editors:

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Mark Cox
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Thomson Local
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About Analytics SEO

Analytics SEO is a SaaS Search Engine Optimization tool developed by UK digital specialists Dizzy Heights (UK) Limited that allows companies to automate their SEO campaigns using a simple continuous 5 stage SEO program.

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By: Laurie OToole

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  • Phil Yarrow
    09/08/2010 19:45

    “Over 70% of companies with less than 50 employees have none or very basic levels of SEO” is an outstanding figure. What exactly constituted as a basic level of SEO implemented within their website?

    • Laurence
      10/08/2010 07:59

      We looked at a number of factors including; analytics software installed, HTML sitemap, XML sitemap, robots.txt, title tags, meta tags, alt tags on images and duplicate meta data. We also sense checked the results by looking at the distribution of our SEO site scores for all sites against the corresponding Google Page Rank.


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