Progress Charts

A tutorial on the Progress Chart components in Analytics SEO.

Of course, being able to represent progress visually during an SEO campaign can be quite essential nowadays and we provide you with plenty of ways of doing just that. One way is to use the components within the Progress Charts section of the software in your reports.

There are 6 individual charts you can download, each representing different types of data.

So to take them in order, you have Search Engine Visits which will show a breakdown of SEO and PPC related traffic, so you can see how well a Search campaign is performing overall.

You’ll notice that with most of these charts we now give you the option to choose a chart type – column (side by side), stacked column or line chart. Please note, that the chart type you select here will be reflected in the PowerPoint and PDF reports you export. You can also select different date ranges and this now includes Year on Year comparisons which can be really quite useful.

Below each chart, you’ll see the raw breakdown of the data – and this table is filterable like any other table in the system.

Organic Visits breaks down your organic traffic into non-branded and branded traffic. (To setup a brand filter, you need to have edited the brand filter in the Keyword Research section of the software – this is accessible from behind the Competitive Position/Monitored Keywords component).

Organic Visits by Search Engine is pretty self-explanatory and will most likely reflect Google’s dominance in pretty much any campaign you add to the system.

All Site Visits breaks the visits you receive down into different traffic sources (Direct – bookmarked or people typing in your url, referral, organic, etc). Again, stacked column or side by side column charts might be the best way to display this data.

Organic goal conversions will reflect goals setup in Google Analytics. If you don’t know how to do this, we do give some advice on our blog. Again, a stacked bar chart is probably the best chart type to use to reflect this data clearly.

Finally, we have Organics Visits and Activity. This shows traffic over time and also plots changes the system has picked up on as these small yellow stars or suns. Changes will be such things as technical setup fixes being made and links being found or lost.

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