Real-time tracking of SEO performance and other new features

Over the past month, our ever growing team of developers have been busy coding new features and enhancements to the Analytics SEO service and we decided that it was about time that this set of great new features finally saw the light of day!

Do tell us what you think of them when you’ve had a chance to take a look.

Agencies/Multi-site customers – New Performance Summary

Ever wanted to prove to your boss what a great job you are doing optimising all the company’s websites?

Ever wanted to prove to your prospective (and existing) customers that you are the SEO agency to choose?

Well, now you can easily prove the value you bring to the table!

With the enhanced ‘Performance Summary’ at the top of the ‘Overview’ tab you can see at a glance a real-time view of how well all your SEO campaigns are performing.

For websites where you have configured Google Analytics and set yourself measurable targets, AnalyticsSEO will now give you a real-time view of how you are performing.

How you use this data is up to you?

Maybe you’ll show it to prospective customers to prove that what you do works?

Maybe you’ll use it to motivate your link building and SEO team?

Maybe you’ll use it to negotiate your pay rise!

For all your SEO campaigns you can easily see how many are ahead of target, how many need attention and how many need configuring.

You can also see across all active SEO campaigns, what you are achieving in terms of average % increases in site visits, conversions and inbound links. You can also see your average competitive position, rankings and backlink quality.

By the way the average increase in organic visits across all AnalyticsSEO users is 133% and where conversions are being tracked it’s an increase of 22%.  So congratulations to all our hard working customers, your SEO campaigns are paying off!

So what we do works!

We hope you love this new feature and for our agency customers we hope that it will help you convince prospective clients that you are the agency to trust with their next SEO campaign or project.

Tracking Generic vs Branded Organic Keyword Visits

For some time we have been able to automatically filter branded keywords from your Google Analytics Organic keyword visits to give you the ratio of branded to unbranded (or generic) organic visits.

Now on the ‘Measure’ tab you will see a new graph which gives you actual volumes of visits so you can track this effectively over time.

Improvement in real organic search visits for hard to rank, competitive generic keywords is the measure of true SEO campaign performance. Hopefully, this will save you hours of time monitoring this metric!

Improvements to keyword ranking process

We have also tried to improve once again our keyword ranking process. In addition to our automated weekly checks, we now also instantly check the rankings of your new keywords once they are added. This may take a few moments as it does it on the fly as you are loading them, but we do now give you a handy progress bar.

We have also enhanced the table so you can select multiple keywords in one go, and apply an action to a group of keywords.


From next week we will also be launching a new facility which automatically gives you average estimated keyword competition and search volumes.

As a bonus, if for some reason you still want to add your own search volume data from other sources, you can overwrite our data by importing your search and advertiser competition values from any third party keyword tool by copying and pasting.

Improvements to Bulk Uploading Tools

We have also updated our support for importing lists of prospective link partners to manage within our project management interface. You can now upload an unlimited number of domains of sites that you would like to target or sites that you have already targeted and want to track.

We hope you love the new site features….and we’re working on plenty more so do give us your feedback using the form on the right hand side or with a comment below. 😉

By: Laurie OToole

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