Review Unindexed Pages

Analytics SEO tutorial on the Review Unindexed Pages component.

This is a fairly unique feature of our system. This component requires a lot of processing and so is the only component to run automatically once a month.

It provides some analysis on the front end, but the real raw data is held behind this Optimise button. Here you can see which urls on your site have been crawled by our spider and are showing up in each index individualy. It allows you to individual identify any crawl issues with your site by comparing these results.

It can also be useful for verifying that if you have no-indexed any parts of your which you deem to contain low or poor quality content, that the indexes have picked up on this change and failed to index that content. You can do this by specifically blocking googlebots and other bots in your robots.txt file, whilst leaving it open for our crawler to spider your site.

However, if you want all or most of your pages to be indexed, this might be better achieved by improving your internal link structure or external backlink profile. You can simply identify individual pages or folders of your site and remind yourself that you need to build more internal or external links to this part of your site. To do this, select the pages and click on this green icon. This will then create a very specific task in your Workload tool which will remind you that you need to improve the visibility of this part of your site.

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