Running an SEO Campaign Just Got Easier

Stay 1 Step Ahead of the Competition in 5 Easy Steps

London, August 2009—; 5 years after the launch of their local pay-per-click advertising platform for SMEs, the team behind Dizzy Heights have launched the beta version of their eagerly awaited suite of SEO tools.

Analytics SEO is an SEO campaign and project management tool that helps small businesses and website owners improve their search engine rankings and grow their businesses online.

For larger campaigns and SEO agencies running multiple SEO campaigns, the tool simplifies the SEO management process saving time, money and accelerating results for in-house SEO teams.

Simply plug in your URL and the SEO tool goes to work, analysing your page’s competitive position and identifying the specific factors that you need to work on in order to improve your search engine rankings.

You can now continuously optimise your site in 5 simple steps and stay one step ahead of your online competitors:

Step 1 – Site Audit

An initial site health check of SEO basics, performed daily.  This covers whether you are indexed in the major search engines, and whether you have sitemaps and robots.txt on your site.  It also covers useful directory submissions, and checks your home page download speed on a daily basis.

Step 2 – Objectives

The online tool continuously benchmarks your competitive position, finding high potential keywords and checking keyword rankings.  It then allows you to set and track specific goals for each SEO campaign.

Step 3 – On-site Optimisation

The tool tracks your site every week and identifies areas for improvement in your site content and structure.  It’s designed to help you build a better website – and to keep it that way.

Step 4 – Off-site Optimisation

Analytics SEO automatically finds thousands of potential link partners and tracks your competitors’ links so you can piggyback off their SEO campaigns!  We just love this feature!

Step 5 – Measure Success

Analytics SEO integrates with the Google Analytics API so you can clearly see the effect of your SEO activities on your site traffic and goals.

“The process of running one or more SEO campaigns used to be quite laborious; keeping track of all the required site changes, the link requests and the mountains of reports and spreadsheets used to take a lot of time and effort”, commented Laurence O’Toole, Director of Dizzy Heights.

“Now, website owners can control their SEO campaigns, and plan and measure their SEO activities like any other part of the marketing mix. By automating the SEO process into one easy-to-use SEO project management tool marketers gain more time to spend focusing on the activities that improve rankings, like building user and search engine friendly content-rich websites.”

The beta service is free to use…..for now!


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Dizzy Heights® (UK) limited is a leading digital publisher and marketing company that specialises in website re-design and redevelopment, search engine optimisation for redesigned websites, internet video production and distribution and digital publishing of DVDs and videos.

Analytics SEO is a new SEO project management tool that allows enterprises to grow site traffic and online revenues through higher visibility of their site in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Analytics SEO works by automating nearly all aspects of a continuous and proven 5 Stage SEO program.

Meri Garcia   
Marketing Executive
Dizzy Heights (UK) Limited
E: meritxell (at) dizzyheights (.) com
T: + 44 208 977 4465

By: Laurie OToole

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