SES London: The latest tips from the SEO experts

It’s been a hectic week for the whole team but I can say that all the early mornings and late nights meeting people and interacting at the SES have finally paid off. The result: great feedback from online marketing agencies and webmasters and lots of interest from visitors and speakers.

And what a great opportunity it was to attend the conferences too! It was interesting to listen to some of the industry’s top SEO and Analytics experts sharing their insights on SEO and analytics metrics that are really useful. We have even implemented some of these into our online SEO software immediately. Literally!  e.g As Brian Clifton was finishing his presentation “Meaningful Seo Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers” Mark, our CTO,  was already thinking about how he could implement Brian’s “brand engagement measurement” theory inside the tool in the form of a chart. And that’s what we did the next day. You can read more about this in the article by Mark called SEO Brand Engagement.

While Sid and Laurence were at the booth working hard on networking all day long—I did too for a while each day, don’t get it wrong, now 😉 — I also had the chance to attend some of the great sessions and pick up on some interesting facts.

Here’s a brief overview of the sessions I was able to see:

Marketing Speaker: Bryan Eisenberg
Session: 21 Secrets of Top-Converting Websites

Among his mini-case study presentations, Bryan shared the secrets of a highly-converting website and asked why some top 10 online retailers convert from 10% to 65%? He suggested several ideas to improve your conversions:

  • 1.Communicate unique value propositions and unique conversion propositions
  • 2.Engage through persuasive offers
  • 3.Be consistent with your offers throughout your site
  • 4.Make a strong first impression
  • 5.Segment: appeal to different “buying personas”
  • 6.Use persuasive tactics
  • 7.Provide point to action assurance
  • 8.Prioritise your tasks
  • 9.Execute your tasks quickly

Speaker: Lisa Myers

Session: Social Media 101 Throughout the session Lisa emphasised the importance of being consistent and fully dedicated to your social media activities and she added that “although social media is the technical platform that facilitates connection, having an online presence in not the only factor that will guarantee your success” ,“ it requires dedication”.

She focused on the main elements of the Social Media strategy

  • Content marketing
  • Link Baiting
  • Site Seeding
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management) and Monitoring
  • Blogging
  • Viral
  • Social Media Networks

And suggested tools to make the social media experience more engaging:

  • Add Plugins for WordPress:Tweetmeme, sexybookmarks, allinone SEO Pack, post avatars  and Vodpod
  • Free Social Monitoring Tools for Twitter:,,
  • Paid Monitoring Tools:,

As her final recommendation Lisa remarked about the vital importance of ALWAYS keeping SEO in mind. She advised us all to remember that integration is the key factor that makes social media campaigns succeed.

You can see her slides here Social Media 101

Speakers:Dixon Jones, Christoph Cemper, Peter van der Graaf
Session: The Basics of Link Building

Reminding us of the importance of link building, the speakers gave a detailed presentation about the basics of Link Building. Dixon Jones, Managing Director of Receptional LTD named the factors that determine the validation of a “true SEO link”.

Here are some of the characteristics of a good link:

  • It is text on a page, with a relevant anchor text keyword
  • It is  placed on a page that has good links
  • It is not a “no-follow” link
  • It does not go through a redirection “301 are OK sometimes…but not always
  • It is cached by Google

Christopher Cemper, General Manager of talked about the estimated price of one good link and concluded that “if we take into account the hours, efforts and other factors that are required to obtain one good link, the average price of a link is about £150”.
He advised us however, not to “buy” links and reminded everyone that the best way to maintain the value of a link is to “avoid your competition getting it too”.

Finally, Advanced Search Specialist Peter van der Graaf concluded the session with a few other pieces of advice on link building and as a good tip he added that “for great link building content, create information that needs to be updated regularly”.

On Wednesday 17th,  Laurence O’Toole  founder of our company also made a presentation at the Exhibition Hall of SES. He presented the case study  “SEO and the Website Redevelopment Process: Traps, Tricks, Techniques and Tools” where he offered tips and  techniques  required to produce a fully-optimized website.

He distinguished between a regular website development project and a successful SEO & Website Redesign Project and he shared many additional resources and useful tools that everyone can use when they are redesigning a website. You can find the slides of the presentation here: SEO and the Website Redevelopment Process.

If you attended the event as well and you would like to add your opinion, please feel free to post a comment about what you found useful.

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