SMX Advanced in Seattle

Here we are in Seattle for SMX advanced. I’m excited to join the Analytics SEO team to help expand a presence in the US. Today seemed like the best day for me to start – just in time for what should prove to be a great conference.


Last night, Laurence and I pondered the irony of eating dinner at Rock Bottom. Seemed the perfect place to start! We discussed all kinds of ideas for enhancements to what is already an extremely robust solution. Like Pinky and the Brain, (I’ll be Pinky) we plotted our course to "take over the world." While I can’t share all the details of the plan, I’m sure no one would be surprised to know that we believe that having a presence in the US will be a benefit to current customers and new customers alike. I look forward to my new adventure and fully expect that the Analytics SEO platform can truly help automate the process of optimizing your websites.

My career has followed a path of managing through change and facilitating growth. Most recently, my career has been less about sales and more about Analytics. It’s been an exciting chapter. But as Eric Enge introduced me to a fellow attendee at SMX in New York last year, I’m mainly "coin operated." I could tell right away Eric didn’t mean that as an insult and I didn’t take it as one. The reality is that businesses grow through ideas and sales. If there are opportunities to advance the product to maximize growth, I’m committed to "make the pitch." So to all my old friends in the business of SEO and web analytics, here I am again. Let’s reconnect. You’ve got to see this product in action.

As my favorite "sales guy" Tommy Boy said, "It’s really cool.  You’re not even gonna believe it" If you are in Seattle, please stop by and say hello.

By: Dennis Hart

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