State of Search Tool Week

This week is State of Search’s Tools Week which we are naturally involved with. The Tools week has included State of Search running a survey in order to gauge the industry’s use of SEO tools and inviting a number of tools to give a demo of their software.

Yesterday at 12pm GMT our CEO Laurence O’Toole gave a live presentation that revolved around the key features of the software and how it can help you. You can view the video here, complete with the Q&A which followed our presentation:

Here are the slides which accompanied the video and hightlight the key features and benefits of the software. Such as its powerful project management; its constant monitoring process which will help you spot and respond to algorithm updates; its great reporting ability, giving you the power to schedule customised reports and many more features! Read on!

If this has got you hooked then be sure to get yourself a free account so that you can see for yourself exactly how helpful the software will be for you. If you have any queries which weren’t answered by the presentation then please get in touch.

By: Anna Champ

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