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Tea Time SEO is back this week and we are kicking off with a new type of tea time. Not only will our speakers share their tips live on YouTube with us, but they will also be working with us to produce an Ultimate SEO Guide to Competitor Analysis. When complete, you will be able to download it and use it in your organisation.

This Thursday, we have three speakers, Carla Thomas, Emily Brady and James Brockbank.

Carla Thomas, works at Builtvisible, specialising in on-page optimisation, link building and digital PR. With a marketing career spanning over five years her portfolio includes top e-commerce, leisure and insurance clients. Extremely passionate about creativity, this can be seen through her ‘outside the box’ thinking and results-driven approach. Outside of work she is a resident foodie, avid reader, traveller and film addict.

Emily Brady is Sr. Director of SEO at Scorpion. For the past seven years, she’s worked alongside SMBs, national brands, and Scorpion’s SEO team to create SEO strategies that bring about meaningful success in the businesses – and lives – of Scorpion partners. When she isn’t building SEO campaigns, she’s haunting independent bookstores or watching Netflix at home with her husband and their two cats. She doesn’t have a favorite sports team, but she does love discovering new ways to give brands and businesses the competitive edge they need in search results – because when they win, she wins.

James Brockbank is Managing Director and Founder at Digitaloft, a UK-based SEO and content marketing agency who specialize in driving organic growth for brands in competitive sectors such as retail eCommerce, travel and finance. With a 12 year SEO career behind him, James is a growth-focused marketer with a personal focus upon driving impactful growth for eCommerce retailers; having taken responsibility for executing an organic strategy for fast-growing businesses in competitive markets.

Tune in and watch Tea Time SEO here on our YouTube channel.

Featured image by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

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