Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the one of the most important foundations of any marketing strategy. Some people may not give it the attention it deserves and do not therefore optimise their on page content well and their off site content. Join us for Tea Time SEO on December 3rd where you can learn how to conduct the best keyword research and how to show the value to your client and internally. Charlie, Barb and Laurence will be sharing their insights with us at 4pm GMT.

Charlie Williams is a search veteran who’s worked just about every kind of role over more than a decade in the industry, Charlie runs Chopped Digital, an SEO and content strategy consultancy dedicated to creating better sites and smarter SEOs. Passionate about helping sites take control of their SEO, he helps run local digital marketing events in Oxford including the Unboxed conference. A regular industry speaker, Charlie loves to share ideas on technical SEO, creative user experiences & getting websites seen by audiences hungry for their insight, products or services.

Barb Davids is joining us again on Tea Time SEO and this year since the lock down she has been busy working on her own course called Keyword Research + URL Mapping. It is a step-by-step course that shows you how to align keywords to your website. Learn what a keyword is, where to find the words your audience is using, and how to pick the right keywords for your small business website. It’s a critical part of the on-page SEO process as it helps search engines to understand page relevance for search intent. It also allows you to uncover new content ideas. Without a keyword URL map to guide your content efforts, you could unknowingly cause confusion for search engines to know which pages of your website to show the person searching.

Laurence O’Toole is the CEO and founder of Authoritas and has been actively involved in the SEO market since hiring his first SEO agency about 20 years’ ago.  He has the grey hair and scars to prove it.

Watch it here live on YouTube.

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