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On Thursday, October 15th we are joined by three technical SEO experts, Jamie Alberico, Georgie Kemp and Jess James. Tune in to learn about all aspects of Technical SEO so that you can start to tackle this at work or if you are already doing so, gather additional tips to help you do your job better.

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Jamie Alberico isn’t a robot, but she speaks bot. As a technical SEO consultant, she studies how search engines crawl, render, and index the web. She loves to tame wild JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. Her favorite topics to cover is Javascript and rendering and loves sharing strategies wherein no blood sacrifice is required to reach your goals. When not working, Jamie likes horror movies, graphic novels, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Georgie is an SEO Executive at Impression, specialising in Technical SEO. Georgie has a fascination around voice search capabilities, optimising web performance for a variety of clients, analysing the impact of both unconfirmed and core Google algorithm updates and debugging technical issues. Georgie has an inherent passion for sustainability and helping local communities. During the pandemic, Georgie joined the global grassroots initiative Find The Masks and acted as the UK Marketing Lead. She helped individuals and organisations in the UK primarily, source PPE for free. In her spare time, you’ll catch her reading empowerment books and ‘attempting’ to snowboard. 

Jess is a Senior Technical SEO Consultant at Erudite and loves working closely alongside other disciplines to find new SEO opportunities for her clients. During lockdown Jess produced the UK Accessibility Benchmark; an analysis piece of 200 top UK domains across 13 different industries, and spent a lot of time resisting the urge to raid the fridge while working from home.

Watch Jamie, Georgie and Jess live on Thursday, October 15th at 4pm BST here.

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