Tea Time SEO – User Intent

Next Thursday we are joined by Ben Garry, Dave Davies and Ric Rodriguez who will share their insights about user intent and why it is important. There are four different types of user intent:

  1. Navigational – the user is looking for a specific entity: e.g. A company, website, brand, product, event, location, social media handle, etc.
  2. Informational – the user is looking for general facts or information about a topic that has no commercial intent.
  3. Research – this is ‘commercial research’ where the user is researching a product or service and is looking for relevant data about what to buy and where to buy it to inform their decision.
  4. Transactional – the user has narrowed their research and is now looking to purchase a specific product or service.

Our three speakers will discuss different aspects of user intent and how to use this as part of your content strategy.

Pumpkins in the field

Ben is a content specialist at Impression, which means he focuses on on-site SEO and content optimisation, as well as co-hosting Impression’s RankUp SEO podcast. He’s spent his SEO career at Impression, joining while still a student in 2016. Now he splits his time between providing specialist on-page work for Impression’s largest clients and leading SEO strategies. Alongside working from home in the last 8 months, he’s enjoyed walking in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir and spending time with friends in the virtual world of online board games.

Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Internet Marketing. Dave and his wife Mary started Beanstalk in 2004 and have grown it from a purely organic SEO firm to one offering a full range of services including SEO, SEM, social media and training and consulting. Dave is a regular author on Search Engine Journal, the Beanstalk blog as well as other industry publications. He also hosts a weekly radio show on MR–WMR.fm and has spoken at a number conferences over the years from Pubcon Pro and State of Search, all the way across the pond to SMX London.

Ric Rodriguez is Head of Search at Vashi, the bespoke fine jewellery retailer within the growing digital team; he recently joined the brand from NYSE-listed technology company Yext, where he was their European search marketing expert. Prior to this, Ric led teams at well-known agencies, most notably within iProspect, where he grew online market share for a high street finance brand – and at Croud, where he oversaw all SEO activity for a well-known B2B business across over 100 markets. He was also a part of iCrossing’s, multi-award winning L’Oreal team.

Tune in at 4pm BST and learn about user intent on our YouTube channel.

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash

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