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Do you find it difficult to produce reports that are not just for management, giving a top line view, but it is also for the team to reflect the impact of the work? Should you use Google Data Studio or Google Sheets? What is the easiest and most comprehensive way to create reports that have maximum impact? If you are struggling with your SEO reports, then tune into Tea Time SEO on Thursday, November 12th when we will be joined by Steph Whately, Christopher and Barb Davids.

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Steph Whately is a SEO Manager at Blue Array in Reading. She has over 6 years experience in digital marketing and has been specialising in SEO for the last two years. She is a speaker at BrightonSEO, Women in Tech SEO and ReadingSEO. Steph likes finding efficiencies, data and staffies. Since lockdown, Steph has enjoyed working with clients in some new and different industries, teaching herself SQL and volunteering as a mentor in the Women in Tech SEO mentorship scheme.

Christopher Hofman Laursen is the lead SEO consultant at the agency IMPACT Extend. He helps omnichannel players in Denmark and big B2B companies with SEO. He has also been a speaker at SEOday in Denmark in for three years running. He is excited about customer journeys, content and data. During the lockdown, Christopher has been very busy. He helped out his clients, done webinars at IMPACT Extend, been working on developing pixel tracking (as an alternative to rank tracking), and been working on Python scripts to automate SEO tasks. Christopher has also managed to get my first blog post published at Moz, great achievement !

Barb Davids is a digital marketer, SEO strategist and owner of Compass Digital Strategies. Driven by data and analytics, she works hard to get business-changing results for her clients, such as 256% more website traffic and 22% more leads. As lockdown began and clients lost budget, she continued working on some pro bono for a couple of months. Offering free help to select industries. Her own business as a result has pivoted and begun to offer online courses so that business owners can work to gain more site traffic and leads at a more budget friendly cost.

Watch it live here on YouTube at 4pm GMT.

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