Tea Time SEO – Daily at 4pm BST

From this Monday we will be starting our Daily “Tea Time SEO” at 4pm BST. We have a great line up in store for you all. We will be streaming to our YouTube channel but the video will change daily.

Every day we will have up to three speakers sharing their tips in bite size chunks so our audience can go and implement them immediately.

Tune in and register to come to our first ever Tea Time SEO event.
We will be updating our blog daily with the details of our upcoming topics and who will be joining us.

  • Monday, we have Helen Pollitt from Arrows Up and Arnout Hellemans from Onlinemarkethink.com speaking about “SEO Reporting and Analytics”. Monday’s session will be live streaming to YouTube, you can watch it there.
  • Tuesday, we have Shelley Walsh from ShellShock, Rishi Lakhani from Fastfwd.com and Arnout Hellemans giving their tips around “Creating the Perfect SEO and Content Marketing Strategy”. Take part in the tea time and watch it on YouTube.
  • On Wednesday, Miranda Gahrmann from Digital Rescue Rangers is sharing her wealth of experience on “Managing SEO Performance Across Remote Teams”. Miranda has over 10 years working with SEO teams across the world. Tune in to find actionable tips to implement today.
  • Thursday we have Pierre Far and Laurent Bourrelly talk about “Chasing the Algorithm – Penalties and EAT”. A very interesting topic indeed. Watch it on our YouTube channel here. Pierre is a digital product management consultant, with a specialty in SEO. Prior to founding Deliberate Digital and Blockmetry, Pierre held several roles at Google and the technology sector in the UK, including product management, community management, innovation consulting, and online marketing.
  • Friday we have Jason Barnard, the “Brand SERPs” guy share his tips about “SERPs and Featured Snippets”. Jason has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing. Today he is a fulltime 100% digital nomad, host and keynote speaker at conferences around the world, whilst interviewing industry experts for his podcast – “With Jason Barnard.” We’re also pleased to say we’ve got Dave Davies, CEO of Beanstalk Internet Marketing, an industry veteran and writer for the Beanstalk blog and Search Engine Journal as well as Host of Webcology on WMR.fm. They will be joined by Laurence O’Toole, CEO of Authoritas, who will be presenting some Universal SERP stats from major international markets and talking about how you can use the SERPs to understand keyword and user intent. Meet everyone on Friday, we are live broadcasting to YouTube.

See you with tea and a piece of cake at 4pm BST (11am EST).

If you want to share your tips with others as a speaker or want to be a guest at our tea time, get in touch by filling in the form.

We will be live streaming to YouTube. Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with the latest videos.

Photo by Anjeli Lundblad on Unsplash

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