Tea Time SEO – Agenda June 15th and 18th

We have an exciting line up for this week’s “Tea Time SEO” learning about getting ahead of the competition and looking into what is the best CMS for you, is it WordPress?


Monday – Going Head to Head in a Competitive Niche Market

Monday we have 3 great speakers sharing the stage to show how they have surpassed their competitors in their niche.

Jason Barnard is the brand SERPs guy. He has been in online marketing for the past 20 years and brings a wealth of experience to the table. He collects Brand SERPs (using the Authoritas API). He is also a digital nomad although this is temporarily on hold. He offer a brand SERP course and hosts a podcast (search “Jason Barnard Podcast”). In his spare time he is a Digital Marketing Consultant.

François Georges is a creative person who likes to share what he learns. His favourite topics are SEO and SEA.
As a Google Partner, he loves to help companies to get more visibility online using Google Ads.

Frances Brown runs design research consultancy Nightingale Design Research with her husband Michael. She is a psychologist who has worked with a very wide range of organisations including Balliol College Oxford, LEGO, The Pensions Regulator and Health Education England to provide rigorous, practical research into the ways they can improve the design of their products, websites and applications for their users. She loves extracting meaning and understanding from data, so that companies can base their design decisions on evidence rather than on guesswork and assumptions. When it comes to SEO, her question is always ‘how can you add real value for your user?

Watch this episode of Tea Time SEO here.


Thursday – Is WordPress the best CMS? Reviewing Your Options

Marko and Niki are sharing the stage on Thursday. Marko spoke at Jo’s Search London nearly 7 years ago about his blog which he built on WordPress. He has been building websites since the late 90s and so knows a thing or two about different CMS platforms.

Marko Saric is a digital marketer with a passion for open source software. He runs his personal site using WordPress and works on helping ethical alternatives to mainstream products reach a larger audience. Marko is also a co-founder of Plausible Analytics, a simple, lightweight and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

Niki Mosier has been doing SEO for a decade. She’s the head of SEO at Two Octobers, a fanatically analytical digital marketing agency in Denver, CO. Niki is one of those strange SEO’s that enjoys both technical and local SEO.

Watch our experts here.

Thank you for watching Tea Time SEO.We will see you Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm BST on our YouTube channel. In the meantime why not check out our Blog to get interesting insights on Voice Search – The Current State of Play in 2020 from Georgie Kemp.

Image Credit: Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash

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