Agenda for Tea Time SEO – SERPs and Building a Community

We are now in our fourth week of our “Tea Time SEO” series. We are excited to announce a full line up across 5 days. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us for tea.

Monday – Understanding User Intent

We joined by three experts in the industry, Becky Simms, Laurent Bourrelly and Christopher Hofman Laursen.

Becky Simms is the CEO and Founder of Reflect Digital. She will take 5 mins to give the audience a flavour of why:

  • Understanding your audience is key to understanding intent.
  • If we can understand the audience motivations then we have the best chance of writing content that drives user action.
    Becky will cover a quick guide of how to uncover and use these motivations.

Laurent Bourrelly has been welcomed back to “Tea Time SEO” for a third time. He has a wealth of experience, having been a SEO Consultant since 2004. He was also voted 3rd Best All Time SEO in France, and runs the only SEO School to learn the business of SEO called « Cocon Semantique » in French (Topical Mesh in English). A new Youtube channel, podcast, etc., called SEO Conspiracy, was just launched this month.

Christopher is the lead SEO consultant at the agency IMPACT Extend. He helps omnichannel players in Denmark and big B2B companies with SEO. He has also been a speaker at SEOday in Denmark in for three years running. He is excited about customer journeys, content and data.

We have Claire Carlile and Fiona Soum share their local search tips. It is super important to optimise local businesses especially in today’s climate.

Claire is Head of Pencils at Claire Carlile Marketing. She wrote a guide to UTM tagging for GMB on her site. She works with a range of lovely small and medium sized business in the UK and elsewhere.

Fiona is a SEO Consultant at Builtvisible, joined 2 years ago. She recently shared an Excel Formula cheat sheet for SEOs available on Builtvisible blog. She works across a variety of accounts, most owning local businesses.

Watch the “Tea Time SEO” session here.

Wednesday – How to Build a Community Around Your Brand

On Wednesday we have a full session with Luis Navarrete Gómez, Anton Shulke and Sarah Marks. Luis is Global Head of Search Marketing at the LEGO Group. He is a highly innovative and decisive marketing executive and leader with a solid record of achievement globally, particularly in digital transformation projects. Luis is a fellow member of the Marketing Society London, former Director of SEMPO, Judge of industry awards (USA and UK Search Awards, DMA Awards, Drum Awards).

Anton Shulke has been a webinar guy since 2015. He has had Google admitting (for the first time) 3 ranking factors (during live Google Q&A webinar). He been helping building SEMrush community since 2017. He studied mathematician at University.

Don’t miss out, tune it to watch it live.

Thursday – SEO Reporting and Analytics

We are joined by Luke Carthy and Azeem Ahmad with Daniel Smulevich who will share their data analytic tips with us. Azeem joined us last week and we are happy to have him back for tea on Thursday. He is experienced in various aspects of marketing, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Display, Programmatic, and App Marketing. Azeem is also an international conference speaker at various events, including BrightonSEO, & MeasureFest.

We are pleased to welcome back Luke who took part in our second week of Tea Time SEO. Luke is well known in the industry having worked with some awesome brands including CAT, Renault and Mayflex, plus he knows a thing or two when it comes to getting C-suite buy-in and delivering smart, scalable eCommerce growth. Luke is a well-seasoned eCommerce consultant and international speaker and we are happy to have him share some new tips.

Watch it live at 4pm BST.

Friday – Knowledge Graphs and Panels

On Friday, April 24th we are joined by Jason Barnard, Andrea Volpini and Dixon Jones who will share their insights about Knowledge Graphs and Panels.

Jason Barnard is The Brand SERP guy and has been in SEO since 1998. He collects Brand SERPs (using the Authoritas API). He is also a digital nomad although this is temporarily on hold. He offer a brand SERP course and hosts a podcast (search “Jason Barnard Podcast”). In his spare time he is a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Andrea Volpini is an Internet Entrepreneur and CEO of WordLift and Insideout10 with 20+ years of world-class experience in online strategies, digital media, and SEO. In 2013 Andrea co-founded Redlink, a commercial spin-off focusing on semantic content enrichment, artificial intelligence, and search.

Dixon Jones is a well-known, respected and award-winning member of the Internet Marketing community with 20 years of experience in search marketing and 25 years of business innovation. An expert in Information Retrieval manipulation, specifically in Big Data environments. A pioneer of the Freemium SAAS subscription business model.

Don’t miss out on the last session of the week, watch it on YouTube here.

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