Tea Time SEO Agenda May 11th – May 15th

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Thank you to our wonderful guest speakers who have been part of SEO Tea Time so far. If you would like to speak in our live stream, send us an email and we will be in contact shortly.


Monday – Making Paid And Organic Work Together

In the first Tea Time SEO of the week Azeem Ahmad, Julie Friedman Bacchini and Maciej Franas will be taking a deeper look into Making Paid And Organic Work Together. We are happy to welcome Azeem Ahmad back. Azeem is an international conference speaker at different events such as MeasureFest and BrightonSEO. He has experience in marketing, including PPC, SEO, App Marketing, Programmatic, Display and Social Media.

Julie is President of Neptune Moon LLC. She is a paid search consultant, working in PPC since the literal beginning. She is also the manager and host of the PPC Chat Twitter chat. Sh was voted the PPC Hero Top 50 Most Influential Paid Search Expert 2020. On top of that, Julie is a regular conference speaker on paid search topics.

Maciej is a Marketing Data Scientist at Bluerank – European Search Awards 2019 Winner. He is also one of the creators of Blueattribution a tool that has been awarded as the Best Marketing Tool for e-commerce by The Chamber of Electronic Economy. Maciej specialises in attribution and media optimisation.

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Tuesday – How Brands Can Focus Around Having A Positive Impact To Their SEO Right Now

Becky Simms and Gino Romagnuolo will be discussing How Brands Can Focus Around Having A Positive Impact To Their SEO Right Now in this session.

Welcome back Becky Simms ! Becky has been part of Tea Time SEO, sharing interesting insights with us. She is the CEO and Founder of Reflect Digital, an award-winning agency based in Kent, UK. Becky was awarded Agency Leader at the Wirehive Awards in 2019. Her team won several awards for their work in search marketing. Becky has spent her last 12 years working in digital marketing. She pushes her team to continually challenge the norm – always delivering a high standard.

Gino’s debut in digital marketing was in December 2015. He is the SEO Director at Threepipe Reply, where he is leading a team of 8

Gino is naturally curious and his passion for numbers alongside his interpersonal skills (and mainly his wonderful team) helped him get to where he is today. The team has won a series of awards for their exceptional work in SEO.

Watch the video here.


Wednesday – Internal Linking And Content Structure

Mark Williams-Cook, Maret Reutelingsperger and Mike Stepney will be sharing valuable tips and tricks on Internal Linking And Content Structure on Wednesday’s Tea Time SEO episode.

Mark Williams-Cook is a Digital Marketing Director at Candour. He started SEO with his own affiliates and has more than 16 years of experience. He has worked for big companies including Expedia, Hitachi or FatFace and has built several tools such as AlsoAsked.com and AardvarkSEO. Marks also hosts the Search with Candour podcast.

Founder of Mobe Digital, an inbound marketing and SEO consultant, Maret Reuelingsperger has a background of both in-house marketer and at digital agencies. It is her passion to tell a brands story but what she loves even more is, when she can use automation to deliver the right message an the right time to the right person.

Mike Stepney is an SEO Director at Blue Array. He kicked off his SEO career experimenting with a network of sites back in 2004. This eventually grew into an agency which he ran for over 10 years. Mike is now an integral part of the Blue Array team and has strategic oversight of a number of the agency’s biggest brands. 

Make sure to watch the interesting tip and tricks here.


Thursday – How Much Content Do You Need to Rank?

This Thursday Jason Barnard will be hosting Tea Time SEO on the topic How Much Content Do You Need To Rank with Alice Farren, Martyna Walas and Charlotte Ross.

Alice Farren is the Project Manager at Dojono, a specialist SEO agency focused on the FinTech vertical. Before starting her career as Project Manager, Alice worked as a Content Creator. Thus, it should come as no surprise, that Alice is most passionate about content marketing and on-site SEO. This is her first time sharing her knowledge and speaking at an event, but hopefully the first of many more to come.

Martyna Walas is the SEO Executive working for Bluerank, a digital marketing agency from Lodz, Poland.
She’s quite a young blood in the industry, however she cut her teeth on projects for leading companies in banking and services sectors. Finally, SEO has become her passion right next to UX.
She believes that complexity is an opportunity, hence it’s crucial for her to look at things from 360° perspective and SEO is a perfect field for that. Funfact: huge fan of vinyls and has her own fair collection of LPs

Charlotte Ross is a Senior SEO Executive and one of the leading contributors of content and all things SEO related at Dojono. She enjoys keeping up to date and on top of the latest revelations and updates in the industry to deliver content that ranks and meets the user’s intent every time. Relatively new to online conferences and speaking at events, she wants to share her knowledge and passion for creating content with others.

Make sure to watch the interesting facts here.


Friday – Google Tag Manager – What You Need To Do

In the last episode of this week, Paul Lovell, Gerry White and Arianne Donoghue will be giving us tips on Google Tag Manager – What You Need To Do. Watch our experts here.

Paul Lovell has more than 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing industry, working with large Ecommerce Sites and Startups. At the moment he is obsessed with schema and into all things search and analytics related.

Arianne is a veteran in the industry with 14 years experience. She has worked for some of the UK best-known agencies and most-loved brands. She focuses on helping teams and businesses do the best work they can, through driving strategy, integration and inclusion. Arianne now runs her own small consultancy, Tempest, where she helps agencies and brands to maximise their potential.

Gerry White has over 20 years in the digital world. He is an SEO and Analytics geek and joined as SEO Director Rise at Seven earlier this year. His previous clients include Just Eat, BBC, Government, ecommerce and everywhere. Fun fact about Gerry, he was part of a record breaking human pizza in 2017.

Watch our experts here.


Thank you for watching SEO Tea Time! We will be back next week with new interesting guest speakers and loads of new information around SEO including topics such as Do Links Matter – Backlink Profiling, Diagnosing JavaScript SEO Issues and Local Search, the later hosted by Jason Barnard!

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