Tea Time SEO – Easter Week

We have been fortunate enough to have a full week of speakers take part in “Tea Time SEO” last week. We have a jam packed schedule for our second week of “Tea Time SEO” and for our Easter week.

Monday, April 6th  – Improving ecommerce conversions from organic

Monday we are kicking off with two well known eCommerce consultants, Luke Carthy and Kristina Azarenko to discuss “Improving ecommerce conversions from organic”.

Kristina is an eCommerce & Technical SEO consultant, founder of MarketingSyrup and creator of the SEO Challenge course. She helps small and medium businesses get organic traffic they deserve and properly measure it.  Carie and I met Kristina at Women in Tech SEO Festival March 6th, organised by Areej, fantastic event.

Luke has worked with some awesome brands including CAT, Renault and Mayflex, plus he knows a thing or two when it comes to getting C-suite buy-in and delivering smart, scalable eCommerce growth. Having previously held a number of both agency and in-house SEO and product roles, Luke is a well-seasoned eCommerce consultant and international speaker who parks his butt right in the centre of strategy, CRO and SEO disciplines.

Watch it on YouTube at 4pm this Monday

Tuesday, April 7th – SEO Friendly Migrations

Chris Green, Andrew Optimisey and Marco Bonomo will be joining us to share their tips on “SEO Friendly Migrations”.  Chris started his digital career writing copy for directories and tinkering with websites in his spare time, at some point over the last decade this became his day job and now he is the Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital, Certified trainer for SISTRIX and OnCrawl Ambassador.  He has spoken at many events including Search London.

Andrew has over 20 years in digital marketing mostly in-house and is now a freelance SEO consultant. Andrew runs a series of free-to-attend SEO events in Cambridge, UK. He spends too much time on Twitter: @Optimisey.

Marco is a seasoned digital performance, content marketing and SEO specialist with over 5 years’ experience working predominantly for large enterprises and across numerous industry verticals but chiefly in Retail and Governmental.
Tune in to watch it here

Wednesday, April 8th – Keyword Research

Pinar Ünsal and Laurent Bourrelly are speaking about “Keyword Research Why It is Still Important”.  Pınar, with more than 15 years of experience in Search Engine Marketing, is one of the founders of Kubix Digital, an award-winning search-focused Digital Marketing Agency based in Istanbul & Berlin.She is an Ex-Googler & was part of the ‘landing crew’ heading up Google’s Turkey office back in 2006. Apart from this, Pınar is the founder of Women.Digital, a network from and for women working in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Laurent Bourrelly is Head Judge for the European Search Awards, and judge for the UK Search Awards and Canada Search Awards. He is been a SEO Consultant since 2004 and was voted 3rd Best All Time SEO in France. He also gave out an advanced SEO strategy, which became the N°1 trend in France since 2013, called « Cocon Semantic » in French (Topical Mesh in English), Laurent never really talked about it in English, but it’s coming up soon. A  new Youtube channel, podcast, etc., called SEO Conspiracy, will be launched on April 8, 2020.

Learn actionable tips for your keyword strategy, watch it at 4pm BST

Thursday, April 9th – Reducing Page Loading Time

Roxana Stingu and Rachel Costello are sharing the stage on Thursday about “Reducing Page Speed”. Roxana is currently heading the SEO department at Alamy, a stock photography agency with a collection of almost 200M images to date Previously worked in the web hosting industry for almost 10 years, leading the technical SEO efforts for brands such as 123 Reg, Host Europe and GoDaddy EMEA.

Rachel is a Technical SEO Consultant at Builtvisible who spends her time researching and communicating the latest developments in search, as well as working with clients on maximising the organic performance of their websites. Both Roxana and Rachel are known for their Technical SEO knowledge and will be sharing their insights on how to improve the page of your website. Watch it live on YouTube.
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Photo from Sebastian at Unsplash.

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