Agenda – Tea Time SEO – On Page Optimisation and Crawling

We are now in our third week of “Tea Time SEO” and we have a fully packed schedule. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you do not miss out on any of the talks coming for the rest of the month.

Tuesday – The Importance of EAT and Your Blog Strategy

Tamara Warren and Alice Morgan will be sharing the stage on Tuesday, April 14th joining us for “Tea Time SEO”. They will talk about how important EAT is and your blog strategy based on case studies from their clients.

Alice and Tamara formed ALTA Digital 4 years ago to provide SEO, content/strategy and UX consultancy. Alice started out in advertising & loves words. Tamara started in marketing & PR & loves learning new things. Clients include: PSA (B2C sites and e-commerce), QuickBooks UK, Mayfield Property, Global Watches, AGT Europe (Dodge Ram). Prior to that, Tamara and Alice started working together at Chevrolet Europe in 2004 where they built up the Digital Centre of Excellence for 38 countries. They established website platform based on solid UX, great content & effective SEO.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Wednesday – On Page SEO – How to Beat The Competition

On Wednesday’s “Tea Time SEO”, we are joined by Azeem Ahmad, Kerstin Reichert and Justyna Pruszyńska who will be sharing the stage to talk about “Page Level Optimisation – What Do You Need to Do to Beat the Competitors?”

Kerstin loves the internet, digital marketing and helping businesses grow. She is currently SEO Digital Marketing Manager at Tide and has been a Digital Marketer/SEO since 2009 agency-side and inhouse across a number of different countries. Kerstin is passionate about continuous learning and knowledge sharing and is a LinkedIn Learning SEO and Digital Marketing trainer as well a IAB UK adviser for search, content and native advertising.

Azeem has been in the industry for several years, working both agency side and in house. He is experienced in various aspects of marketing, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Display, Programmatic, and App Marketing. Azeem is also an international conference speaker at various events, including BrightonSEO, & MeasureFest. He is a BAME advocate.

Justyna is SEO & Content Marketing Specialist at Bluerank and has several years of experience in digital marketing. She is DIMAQ certified and loves to expand her knowledge whenever she has the opportunity to do so. Her passion is SEO, content marketing and influencer marketing. Her SEO project for won Performance Marketing Diamonds and was nominated for both European Search Awards and European Content Awards. She likes to share her knowledge at various conferences and training sessions (i.e. IAB, OAC)

You can watch it on our YouTube channel.

Thursday – How To Tackle Crawling Large Ecommerce sites

We will be joined by Maria Camanes and Natalie Mott who will share their tips on how you can tackle crawling these large ecommerce sites.

Maria has been working on SEO for over 6 years. She joined Builtvisible early in 2017 where she works as a Senior SEO Consultant. She is most passionate about the technical side of SEO and specialises in website speed optimisation and ecommerce SEO. She enjoys speaking at conferences and is a regular trainer at BrightonSEO.

Natalie Mott is a digital marketing consultant with core interests in technical SEO, keyword and topic research, project management and outreach. She has held senior SEO positions at a number of digital agencies and after 8 years agency-side took the leap into the world of freelance consulting.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn these great tips, tune in here.

Friday – Technical SEO

This Friday we have three search professionals share their expertise on different aspects of Technical SEO. We are joined by Paul Lovell, Serena Pearson and Franco Valentino.

Paul Lovell has more than 10 years experience working in the Digital Marketing industry. He has been working with Startups and Large Ecommerce Sites. Currently he is obsessed with schema and into all things search and analytics related.

Serena has worked both in-house & agency side, with experience on B2B, B2C, finance, insurance, motor and other misc. She believes in processing data at scale to deliver insights, and constantly improving existing systems. Serena is currently obsessed with ASO and using Python to extract and process SERP data.

Franco is a frequent contributor to Technical SEO media outlets and has spoken at SXSW Eco, IMPACT Live, & on SEMrush. He’s a Cisco Systems CCNA, and worked for IBM as a Program Manager in the WebSphere Division. Today, he works with some of the largest eCommerce sites and publishers in the United States as their technical consultant and has performed thousands of technical SEO audits since 2006.

Watch Friday’s episode here.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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