Tea Time SEO Agenda May 18th – 22nd

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Thank you to all our lovely guest speakers who have been part of Tea Time SEO so far. If our love streams has caught your attention and you would like to be part of it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Monday – Diagnosing JavaScript SEO Issues

We begin this week of Tea Time SEO with Daria Tokareva, Enrico Chiodino and Syphaïwong Bay discussing Do Links Matter – Backlink Profiling.

Daria Tokareva is a value-focused, highly motivated SEO specialist with over 7 years of experience helping businesses in North America boost their brand visibility and profitability through effective Organic Search marketing campaigns. She is currently a Managing Senior SEO Specialist at Delta Growth, Toronto-based digital marketing company

Enrico has been working in SEO for over 10 years in three different countries: Estonia, Italy, and the UK. He specialises in international e-commerce websites, and believes in a human-first SEO approach, based on behavioural analysis.In 2017 he co-authored a book about user-first optimisation, and remembers the experience fondly.
Currently he is a happy member of the Blue Array crew, Enrico is always ready to rise to the challenge of speaking, publicly or not, about SEO: the trick is getting him to shut up!

Syphaïwong Bay is the 2019 SEMY award winner. At just 30 years old, she has accomplished a lot in her 15 year career including running Web in Reims, setting up her own consultancy and sharing her knowledge, speaking at conferences. Syphaïwong is a content marketing expert. She looks at the long term effect of content we write online. The web does not forget, and it is important we do not forget that too, write content you want to be seen for years to come.

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Tuesday – Creating Meaningful SEO Dashboards For The Whole Company

This Tuesday Steph Whatley, Stephen Kenwright and JP Sherman will be giving tips on how to create meaningful SEO dashboards for the whole company.

Steph Whately is a SEO Manager at Blue Array in Reading. She has over 6 years experience in digital marketing and has been specialising in SEO for the last two years. She is a speaker at BrightonSEO, Women in Tech SEO and ReadingSEO. Steph likes finding efficiencies, data and staffies.

Stephen Kenwright is Technical Director and Co-founder at Rise at Seve. He is based in Sheffield Hq and student mentor at Sheffield Hallam Uni. Additionally he is founder of SearchLeeds and TechSEO Summat.

JP Sherman works as the Search & Findability Manager for the Red Hat Customer Portal. His responsibility is to bridge the intention gap between tens of thousands of technical and support documents and the customers looking for them in Google and Red Hat’s internal search platform.
A former Special Operations (Airborne) Psychological Operations Specialist who studied biology instead of marketing, he currently lives in North Carolina, where, with his social policy advocate wife, is raising four boys and two border collies. To stay sane, he roasts his own coffee. He tweets more about dinosaurs, industrial music and being a dad more than he does about SEO.

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Wednesday – Diagnosing JavaScript SEO Issues

Charlie Norledge and Edd Wilson will be giving insights into Diagnosing JavaScript SEO Issues.

Edd Wilson is a Senior Technical SEO specialist at Impression. He loves driving innovation in organic search and enjoys going down SEO rabbit holes. Edd has over 10 years experience in driving organic performance and has worked with a variety of clients from startups to international brands.

Charlie Norledge is a Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Impression Digital. He has a passion for web performance, structured data, log file analysis and all other things that clients can throw at him.

Watch the video here.

Thursday – Local Search

Thursday’s episode of Tea Time SEO will be hosted by Jason Barnard (the Brand SEPR Guy) with Andy Simpson and Halide Ebcinoglu looking into Local Search answering interesting questions.

Jason Barnard is The Brand SERP guy and has been in SEO since 1998. He collects Brand SERPs (using the Authoritas API). He is also a digital nomad although this is temporarily on hold. He offer a brand SERP course and hosts a podcast (search “Jason Barnard Podcast”). In his spare time he is a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Halide (aka Holly) is a digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Business Development. She has worked at Google Dublin before she has co-founded her own agency, Kubix Digital, an international search-focused Digital Marketing Agency based in Istanbul & Berlin. Halide also leads an initiative called Women.Digital, aiming to provide female digital marketers the space to share resources and insights, and to build a collaborative community.

Originally from Leeds, England, Andy Simpson now works in the US for a legal digital marketing agency, to which he is the Senior SEO Specialist.
Since 1996 he has dealt with companies large and small and now finds himself specializing in the world of Local SEO.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get valuable tips from our experts. Watch the live-stream here.

Friday – Is Voice Here to Stay? It is now 2020

In the last episode of this weeks Tea Time SEO Silvia Sanna and Georgie Kemp will be talking about Is Voice Here to Stay? It is now 2020.

Silvia Sanna is a digital marketer focused on content marketing, Silvia lives and works in Rome since 2003. After a ten-year experience covering different roles in digital communication, in 2017 she joined WordLift, where she manages content marketing with a strategic approach and a lot of emojis.

Georgie Kemp is an SEO Executive at Impression. She is specialising in technical SEO and has a fascination around digital innovation and the capability of conversational AI. Georgie is passionate about testing different digital strategies amongst her clients and shaking up the search engine results page.

Watch the last Tea Time SEO of the week here.

Thank you for watching SEO Tea Time! We will be back next week with new interesting guest speakers and loads of new information around SEO including topics such as Do Links Matter – Backlink Profiling and Diagnosing JavaScript SEO Issues.

Image Credit:  Massimo Rinaldi on Unsplash

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