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Tea Time SEO is live this Thursday! Want to learn more about Technical SEO? Join us later this week with tea, a snack and your notebook because we’ve got three great speakers joining us with plenty of great tips and tricks. Learn more about our speakers, Brendan Bennett, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR and Imogen Davies and what they’ve been up to the past year.


Image Credit: Miti on Unsplash

Brendan Bennett at the very beginning of the pandemic, like many, found himself suddenly on furlough with his agency employer (a fairly natural and unfortunate result of clients across sectors struggling to maintain a normal state of financial affairs). After several months locked inside, indulging an array of nerdy and artsy hobbies, in July Brendan decided to get ahead of economic uncertainty and take an opportunity at another local Norwich agency, Candour. Since then, he’s had the pleasure of working, almost 100% remotely, with the fantastic Candour team and clients. Specialising more and more in SEO, he has been at the proverbial coalface producing a glut of technical audits, SEO strategies, content audits, content plans, campaigns, recommendations, etc. – and having a great time doing it!

During the pandemic, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR created his own company, learned Python and ReactJS (Beginning Level), published Semantic SEO Case Studies, performed a webinar with RankSense, hired two employees and launched 9 SEO Projects. Koray believes that SEO is the intersection of Marketing and Coding with a creative mind and growth hacking love. Therefore his symbol is “<M>” which means “Marketing” as a web component with HTML Tags. He spends his time learning new things and methods, working on his coding skills, attending meetings, and educating his team. In the future, he will be publishing a new SEO Case Studies with the things he loves most about SEO! He has been chosen as a finalist for European Search Awards, included in the Top 202 SEO Experts list of SEJ, and Aleyda’s curation. There have been plenty of good things keeping Koray busy during this tricky time.

Imogen is currently Head of Marketing at digital performance agency, Found, after making the switch from SEO Account Director earlier this year. Throughout the pandemic, Imogen has helped businesses understand where their digital priorities are and how they tie into different channels to make sure all digital activity is intrinsically linked back to the business objectives – be that survival or ambitious growth. The past year has seen Imogen support on successful migrations right through to writing whitepapers on capturing digital opportunities, helping businesses not only identify the opportunities to go after but putting them into play as well.

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