The Future Webinar 14th December 2011

This is the latest and one of the last webinars of 2011. We will be scheduling more webinars for January and February so keep your eyes peeled for the latest dates here, you can also view all of our archived webinars too!

It focuses on a deeper dive into our main focus of version 4.5, link building. In case you haven’t caught any of our recent communications this is a key area we want to improve and have been working very closely with our customers to build something that will help streamline and automate the link building process.

We also touch upon version 4.4.1 that just went live so we could release a number of great new features before Christmas.


Hello and welcome to the latest Analytics SEO webinar “The Future” where we will be giving away details on our normally top secret product roadmap.

I am Steve Lock Product Manager for Analytics SEO and we will be running through version 4.4.1, which has just been released and insights into version 4.5.


In case you don’t know who I am, I am responsible for the product development here at Analytics SEO and also help with the internal marketing (we always try to practice what we preach!)

I am always eager to hear direct feedback both on the software and details where practitioners or agencies feel pain with a view to us automating repetitive tasks and building the best software in the marketplace.


Today we will be going through version 4.4.1 which has just been released and a deeper dive into both version 4.5 link building and some other elements involved in the update.


Version 4.4.1

This was an update that we worked hard to release to enable some new features be launched into the wild before Christmas.

Key features included user delegation, download tables to CSV and the keyword ranking history report.


User Delegation

Here is a screenshot of our new user delegation features. It includes the ability to assign and delegate tasks to specific users.

You can also export either all data to CSV or easily filter by user, progress and status.

This has been on the surface a relatively small update, however its been one of our most popular feature requests and is incredibly powerful.

For example in seconds you can export all tasks that have been completed by an individual user or all unassigned tasks to save valuable time when project managing campaigns. 

It will also play a crucial role as part of our link building plans when released.


Download Tables to CSV

This is one of our favourite new features. Now in one click you can simply export any table in the software to CSV.

It makes the software even easier to use and quickly pull data out of the system when either taking a quick look at a website, or it can be equally useful when you are having a really detailed review of a site.


Also a quick reminder HGIYS has now been released as a project to the public.

Its a demo of our API, which enables instant audits of a website for lead generation and initial reports for pitching.

There are a number of options available including affiliate versions, re-branded versions, widgets and most options can be implemented completely free of charge.

There aren’t even any development costs required as there are admin sections that can be accessed with no coding required.


Version 4.5

As most of our customers will be aware already version 4.5 is a major overhaul of our link building section of the application. 

Other features will include keyword suggestion enhancements, improvements to our crawling, architecture improvements with some minor features too.


We will focus on link building again for this webinar as this will be the biggest element in version 4.5. 

Really key features will include automated link prospecting, interactive Google hacks, competitor link analysis, link categorisation, previews and CRM like functionality.

It will be designed in a consistent manner to the rest of the platform, with an emphasis on workflow and automation.

The user delegation enhancements will also feed in very well to the new features that will be ideal for collaborating with teams, especially if they aren’t based in the same physical loacations.


Interactive Link Prospecting

This is a diagram we made available a couple of weeks ago to help visualise the data inputs in to the system.


Link Categorisation

This is something we have been asked about after our last webinar.

A new key feature will be our link classification engine that will support many different types of sites and offer insights into a backlink profiles.


Keyword Suggestion

We are hoping to integrate SEMRush keyword suggestions into the keyword research tool.

This will be driven by the competitors selected in your campaign.

SEMRush research over 40 million keywords and provide data on keywords that competitors are achieving visibility.

This will be a step closer to providing more heavy automation for keyword research, arguably one of the most tedious aspects of SEO.


Enhanced Crawling



Architecture Improvements



The Future of Analytics SEO

We have taken the business decision to drive the software forward based on customer feedback and input. As shown by our commitment to work with our customers on the link building project.


Thanks for listening. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to ask or talk to us about…

Also please feel free to connect through any of the social media channels.

We will also be publishing content from the webinars as videos and blog posts.

Please let us know what you would like to see in future webinars.

If you would like any particular topics covered, or if you would like to see a particular guest, please get in touch and we will try to include them in future webinars.

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