The Future Webinar 30th November 2011

Here is the latest update from our webinars on the future of Analytics SEO. It covers the latest features that have just been released in Version 4.4 and imminent updates in Version 4.4.1 that include:

  • Editable Panels
  • Competitor Rankings
  • Video Training
  • Enhanced Credit Card Handling
  • Affiliate Scheme
  • User Delegation
  • Export Tables to CSV
  • New Ranking History Reports

We also focus on the next development cycle that will have a keen emphasis on link building including categorisation and a full workflow that will help our customers save substantial amounts of time on the most important parts of their campaigns.


Analytics SEO The Future Webinar 30th November 2011


Analytics SEO The Future 30th November 2011



Hello and welcome to Analytics SEO the future, this is only our second webinar covering our newest updates and product roadmap

After popular demand we have decided to try and schedule these every two weeks

So we’ll dive straight in!



Here is a quick overview of todays webinar, there’s loads to cover and its going to be a very busy Christmas period for our development team!

We have just released version 4.4 which included some great new features such as editable panels (one of my personal favourites), competitor rankings (one of the most requested features) and more.

Also the decision has been made to release a version 4.4.1 to get as many features into the software as possible before Christmas this will include user delegation and hopefully the first phase of our social media tools.

Today we will cover version 4.5 and in particular the overhaul of our link building tools which we are very excited about with some insights into how we have developed it.



Firstly we will quickly run through version 4.4 as its just gone live and there are in particular two great new features editable panels and competitive rankings.

We are also currently uploading over 50 training videos to make sure you get the most out of the software.

Credit card handling has also improved so you can manage your account entirely through our platform.

There has also been substantial work developing our affiliate scheme which should be going live very soon. Please get in touch if you would like to work with us.

HGIYS has also gone live and offers lead generation functionality for our clients.



This is one of my favourite new features you can now decide what components you want to display on every tab of the software turning the platform into a series of customisable dashboards. 

This will be a really useful feature as you can now focus on the components you use the most, making the software more efficient to use.

I think this will be especially great for working with projects you have been working on for a while, you can hide all the components that relate to issues you have already resolved.



This is one of the most requested feature I think we have had over the last 12 months and its finally here.

This is a really powerful module as typically keyword rankings are the part of an SEO campaign that clients really relate to well.

Benchmarking your sites rankings against competitors can be a great way to win new business and is a great tool to use for pitches or trying to provide compelling reasons for websites to increase their spends on SEO activities.

This is currently collecting data and is displayed as a table in a future update we will be adding a chart and once there is more data to play with we can tell this is going to be a really popular part of the platform!



The demo website for our API and new re-brandable web app has now been launched.

This is a new lead gen tool for our customers and be deployed with no development resource needed.

You can simply purchase a domain or set up a sub-domain to help convert more new business on your agency websites.

It can also help speed up quoting processes and start a conversation with visitors interested in SEO services.

You simply add a domain, email and keyword, then the tool will run an “instant audit” which quickly benchmarks all major areas of a site giving a quick “SEO healthcheck”.

Its been really popular so far as its a no brainer to set up as it adds value for your web visitors and helps you capture email addresses for lead generation.

Pricing is likely to be based around your package with re-branded versions available for Pro and Agency customers based at 299 reports for Pro and 1299 reports for Agency. 



This is the next scheduled release planned within the next 7-14 days.

Its been added so that we can get as many new features released before Christmas as possible.

User delegation is another very popular request. Analytics SEO has always offered a powerful project management framework, however a noticeable feature that has been missing is the ability to delegate tasks to users. This will be added really soon!

Another minor feature that has been asked for is the ability to export any table within the system as a CSV in a similar manner to how our charts can be quickly exported into PNG files.

We have also decided to add a new report to the software for keyword ranking histories. Its going to be really easy to dump out all of your monitored keywords by campaign into a CSV file. 

Also we are retiring non-linking citations (as its only useful to a small percentage of large brands with unique names) and the DMOZ / Yahoo Directory components – these will be added to Analytics SEO link database (so will still exist, but as part of our new link building tools).



This is an example of where user data will be added so that you can assign, delegate, filter and export workloads to use for project planning and project management.

You will also be able to export the data by user or export the entire project workload to review all actions in great detail.



Planned for the next 30 – 45 days.

This will be a complete overhaul of the link building elements of the platform.

These enhancements will also include social media integration as part of the process and is probably the most substantial update since our launch!

The product specifications have had substantial input from our customers including some of the leading SEOs in the industry.

We are also expecting to defer keyword research enhancements and user activity feeds until early next year.



As these features are such a big project for us, it makes sense to focus on link building as part of the next big release.

Link building will be the most exciting and anticipated new feature for the last 12 months.

Interactive system with control over link sources and advanced search operators.

Flexible and powerful link prospect filtering including analysis of link by type such as blog, blog comment, forum and directories.

A preview system and powerful framework for the link building process developed closely with our customers including insights into how they build links as an agency.

Collaborative system designed with both workflow and project management in mind. This will increase efficiency for teams of link builders helping you scale the most challenging aspects of SEO campaigns.



This diagram shows how the interactive link building system will work.

You are able to control link prospects that are automatically mined from competitors, advanced search operators and our own database.

The link prospects will then be presented in a format making it easy to filter the exact type of links you are intending to go after by type of link, PageRank, AC Rank and many other metrics.

You will also be able to preview the prospects and within seconds be able to add the prospects into your workflow or you can also decide to work on obtaining links immediately.

The system will also mine social data and contact details, doing lots of heavily lifting from start to finish.

This will include the best of both worlds, automation of mining prospects, but also control and manual input to make sure you are focusing your efforts on the right websites.



We have taken the business decision to drive the software forward based on customer feedback and input. As shown by our commitment to work with our customers on the link building project.


Common requests we have had include improvements to project management, on page SEO, social media and link building.

These areas are a strong focus for the next 3 months and we will be continuing to work closely with our customers to make sure we build a tool that people love.

It’s the perfect time to get in touch with us to let us know exactly what you want in the software to make your life easier and to automate repetitive tasks.


Thanks for listening. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to ask or talk to us about…

Also please feel free to connect through any of the social media channels.

We will also be publishing content from the webinars as videos and blog posts.

Please let us know what you would like to see in future webinars.

Currently the plans are to hold a weekly webinar as an introduction to the software which will be good for new customers to learn more about how the software works.

I am hoping to hold webinars every 2 weeks to talk about the latest product updates. I would also like to offer webinars on different types of training and also invite special guests.

If you would like any particular topics covered, or if you would like to see a particular guest, please get in touch and we will try to include them in future webinars.


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