The Future Webinar (Link Classification) 18th Jan 2012

Here is one of the first webinars of 2012. We hope you all had a good festive period!

This time we are focussing on link classification and including updates on the classification engine we are currently building,together with some preliminary test results. As a core part of the new link building tools we are developing there will be the launch of a new link classification engine that will analyse webpages and categorise webpage type.

This is in the early stages of having the GUI specified and will also enable comparisons and visualisations of competitor backlink profiles side-by-side. This will also include segmentation by redirect / rel=canonical / nofollow, as well as link quality by AC Rank.

It will provide awesome insights including:

  1. The ability to analyse your website’s backlink profile to ensure the links are as naturual as possible and to identify signals that could cause penalties.
  2. Find key strategies your competitors are using to build links.
  3. Gap analysis of your website versus competitors in order to gauge how dificult it will be to beat them (ideal for pre-sales and pitching purposes).

Below are test results from the first iteration of the rules that have been tested on a sample of 1,000 websites:

We have chosen the following categories and are likely to add unclassified, general and parked / dropped domains to the list (please let us know if you would like any others added and we will do our best):

The webinar includes an update on performance work we have been recently releasing and some key enabling projects taking place to help our clients with large volumes of websites to set up large volumes of campaigns really easily.


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