The World of SEO – According To LinkedIn

SEOs like to connect – networking events are massively popular and we’re on every social network under the sun. Hence when we wanted to take a look at the SEO industry around the world we thought that the best way to manage this would be to use LinkedIn – as surely any SEO worth their salt will be on LinkedIn! It is also one of the few social networks with a decent search capability where people will also be clear with regards to their profession.

It’s only thanks to the global use the term SEO that we could undertake this research – though Korea did throw this off slightly due to SEO being such a popular name there!

Naturally this isn’t going to be a comprehensive breakdown of the entire SEO industry but it does give a good indication of the general spread of SEO across the world. With the UK and the US making up over 50% of the SEOs in the world we still dominate this industry. This of course could be related to the uptake of LinkedIn across the globe, but the percentage of LinkedIn members in SEO in these countries is low showing that it is not merely because of this.


It sometimes seems like everyone knows everyone in the UK SEO scene, but that’s nothing compared to other countries – when there’s fewer than 100 SEOs in your country you’d get a real SEO community going. I imagine that the 74 SEOs in Kazakhstan certainly will know each other! The question really is what they wear when SEOing, a black hat or a white hat? Cue shameless Borat image…



There are some great places that have almost no SEO presence in the world, and considering that this is an industry that can be done completely remotely it’s about time that some of us went and explored some of these exotic climes! So if you’re ever thinking about starting an agency don’t limit yourself to the UK or the US, if you need some convincing here are some examples of countries that as yet have no SEO presence:

Cook Islands

Marshall Islands

Solomon IslandsBritish Indian Ocean Territory




So there are a few places just waiting for an SEO invasion, but there are some surprising places that already have an SEO presence. For example there are 8 SEOs claiming to be based in Antarctica (and you think you’ve had penguin problem!) as well as 522 SEOs who list their country as ‘Other’… LinkedIn is not entirely devoid of spam clearly.

Now without any further ado here is the World of SEO: According to LinkedIn Data.

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By: Anna Champ

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