& Analytics SEO to launch SEO product

Could this be the future for Yellow Pages? partners with UK start-up Analytics SEO to launch search engine optimisation product for local businesses

Touch Local Group and Analytics SEO are pleased to announce the launch of SEOTrackz, an innovative new website that enables small businesses to access do-it-yourself search engine optimisation (SEO) software and services which until today were often beyond the marketing budgets for many small companies.

There are two parts to the SEOTrackz service:

i) A free online service that allows small business owners to get an instant picture of how well their site has been built and whether there is an opportunity to do better in the search engines and;

ii) An ongoing paid SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting service that makes it easy for SMEs to keep track of how well they are doing vis-a-vis their competitors.

Research of 1,000 small UK business websites by AnalyticsSEO shows that the quality of SME’s websites is poor, with only 47% of SMEs having the fundamental SEO pieces in place. 

There is a cottage industry of companies and individuals building websites for SMEs; some are self-built using PC software or online tools, some by local or overseas freelancers, some by professional website design agencies, neighbours, friends or relatives. However, the majority of small businesses (and unfortunately in many cases their website suppliers) do not have the technical skills, SEO know-how or time to understand how well their existing website and marketing is working for them and to make the changes necessary to succeed.

With a global decline in traditional print directory usage and advertising; online directories and search engines have become an increasingly important part of most small businesses’ marketing plans. However, effective search engine optimisation requires ongoing access to specialists with the requisite experience, skills and software tools.  Until recently, this was the preserve of larger companies who could afford to employ specialists or outsource this work to a specialist SEO agency.  Now with SEOTrackz, small business owners can use professional SEO software and get an easy to understand view of how well they are doing in layman’s terms.

Laurence O’Toole, CEO of Analytics SEO commenting on the agreement said, “As small firms look to grow their businesses and compete online, there is a considerable opportunity for directory companies like Touch Local to use their position of trust, their salesforce and customer service infrastructure to lend a helping hand to small businesses who understand the importance of getting higher placements in Google and other search engines and directories, but are put off by the technical jargon. Our software and expertise, coupled with Touch Local’s reputation for delivering effective online services for SMEs will ensure, through SEOTrackz, that small and medium sized UK businesses have access to cost-effective and timely advice that will make a real difference to the return they see from the investment in their websites.”

Phil Geraghty, Product Director of added, “For the past 12 months, we have been working with Analytics SEO on developing the right SEO solution for SMEs.  In SEOTrackz, we believe we have the right combination of software, service and education to help give business owners expert advice on what it takes to beat their competitors and achieve higher search engine rankings”.

Local businesses can try SEOTrackz for free by visiting


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