TWIO-10: Does Microsoft now have ‘The Edge’ over Chrome?

This is the tenth episode of, ‘This Week In Organic’, the weekly show that debates the ramifications of the latest SEO and content marketing news.

In this episode, the subjects among other things include “Does Microsoft have the Edge over Chrome? How important is App store optimization? And Is growth the most important thing that Twitter should be focusing on?” Our host, David Bain is joined by Alex Tucker (@tuckerafrom Practice WebEmily Hill (@AskEmilyHillfrom Write My SiteKevin Gibbons (@kevgibbofrom BlueGlass and Pete Campbell (@petecampbellfrom Kaizen.

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DAVID BAIN: Does Microsoft have the edge over Chrome? How important is App Store optimisation? And is growth the most important thing that Twitter should be focusing on?

Broadcasting live from London, you’re watching The Week in Organic, the weekly show that debates the ramifications of the latest SEO and content marketing news. Sign up to watch the next show live at

Hello and welcome. I’m David Bain and each week I’ll be joined by some knowledgeable, opinionated folks to discuss the latest happenings in anything that impacts organic traffic. As for you, dear viewer, get involved – we’d love to hear your opinion too. So just use the hashtag #TWIO on Twitter, and if you’re watching live your thoughts will magically appear in the chat box to your right-hand side. And a quick mention to Everon IT Support, who’s tweeted, ‘Almost #TWIO time! Great way to end the week.’ Thanks for the tweets and keep the tweets coming.

So let’s find out today’s guests, where they’re from and what’s caught their attention this week. So starting off with Emily.

EMILY HILL: Thanks David. I’m Emily Hill. I’m from Write My Site, which is a copywriting agency and my attention this week has been caught by the new roll-out globally of the right to be forgotten, so I’m looking forward to talking to everybody about that.

DAVID BAIN: Mm. And moving onto Kevin.

KEVIN GIBBONS: Yes, so I’m Kevin Gibbons. I run an agency called BlueGlass. We focus on SEO and content marketing and I’m interested in the CSS and the Javascript warnings that have been sent out this week and just seeing if there’s a bit more to it and the reasons behind it basically.

DAVID BAIN: Mm, digging deeper and the code behind your website there. And next up is Pete.

PETE CAMPBELL: Hello. Thanks David. My name’s Pete. I run an agency called Kaizen. We specialise in technical SEO and content marketing and basically what’s been taking up my time recently is probably the App Store optimisation news. In particular, I have a client where it is causing quite a challenge for them, so it’s been quite interesting to see the rankings in there.

DAVID BAIN: Great. Thanks Pete. And moving onto Alex.

ALEX TUCKER: Hi. I’m Alex Tucker and thanks David. I work for Practice Web. We’re an agency who works with accountancy firms, financial advisors and planners and what’s caught my eye this week is that Facebook and its earnings call has announced search volumes of 1.5 billion per day, as well as an average user time of, I think, several minutes a day on Facebook, which is really interesting.

DAVID BAIN: Yeah, lots of stats there. I had a quick look. You mentioned that just before we went on air and I had a look to see that Google are doing roughly double that, about 3 billion a day. But it seems quite incredible that Facebook are up to 1.5 billion. But it will be interesting to discuss that and see everyone’s opinion regarding whether it’s the same type of search and whether or not Facebook is going to be a serious competitor to Google moving forward. So lots to talk about there.


DAVID BAIN: That just about takes us to the end of this week’s show. So just about time for a single takeaway and some sharing of find-out-more details from each of our guests. So starting off with Alex.

ALEX TUCKER: So I found the content marketing guys’ points about different form of copy for mobile and desktop really interesting so I’m certainly going to go away and have a think about that.

DAVID BAIN: And just to remind everyone your full name and contact details where people can get in touch with you.

ALEX TUCKER: Yeah sorry, so it’s Alex Tucker. I work for Practice Web. You can find us at, @Practice_WEB on Twitter or @tuckera on Twitter. Thanks.

DAVID BAIN: Lovely. Thanks Alex. And Emily, what are your final thoughts for the day and where can people get in touch with you?

EMILY HILL: I was interested in what the more tech-savvy guys had to say about the whole sort of CSS and Javascript and just what that sort of represents in terms of the need to pretty much have an open book as far as Google is concerned and make sure that your website is completely accessible to them in any way they may wish to crawl it. In terms of how you can get in touch with me, my company is Write My Site. You can catch us online ( It’s the same handle on Twitter and I also have a Twitter account under @AskEmilyHill.

DAVID BAIN: And Kevin, what are your final thoughts and where to get hold of you?

KEVIN GIBBONS: I think the interesting thing for me is there’s quite a common theme across a lot of the points. Certainly to do with talking about Facebook search, Twitter and usage and access from Google, and that common theme is about the user experience and it’s about what people want to see and engaging more with people online essentially, and that’s exactly what all three of those players are looking to do. App Store optimisation, like we were saying, it’s more about the quality of the experience, and it’s trying from a brand perspective to maximise all of those channels if you can. So yeah, it’s quite interesting to see each of those platforms evolve over time and they’re heading in their own different ways towards the same experience and goal.

And in terms of contact details, our website’s Blueglass on Twitter or myself, it’s @kevgibbo.

DAVID BAIN: And Pete, what are your final thoughts and how to get hold of you?

PETE CAMPBELL: I think another way you can wrap up today is talking about cross-platform compatibility. I mean, how are Google and Microsoft going to compete against each other? How are people going to move from Chrome to Edge? How can you ensure your Javascript and CSS is compatible across different kinds of search indexing? And then is there value in (and I think there is a massive untapped value in) ASO? Is it worth putting your mobile website on an app to go that way? So I think that’s what I’d pull out today and I think ASO is a thing a lot more businesses need to look at.

My business is Kaizen Search. You can find us at and my Twitter handle is just @petecampbell.

DAVID BAIN: Lovely. Thanks Pete. I’m David Bain, Head of Growth at and you can also catch me interviewing online marketing gurus over at Now if you’re watching this show as a recording, remember to watch the next show live. Head over to and sign up to watch the next show in real-time. And for those of you watching live, thanks for joining us and remember there’s also a podcast on iTunes, so go to to go directly to the podcast if you want to catch any of the previous episodes. And remember to continue sharing your thoughts using the hashtag #TWIO on Twitter.

Until next time, have a fantabulous weekend and thank you all for joining us. Cheers everyone. Thank you for being a part of it. Thanks all.

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