Upgraded Platform for all Customers

Hope you had a good summer, we are excited to announce that all customers will be upgraded to a new Authoritas platform called V7. It takes the best of the Linkdex and Authoritas SEO platform features developed over the past decade and has integrated them into one user interface.

How the upgrade will help you

  • The new platform allows you to access new features including User Intent and additional Universal Result tracking plus our new visibility  module called Project Visibility that helps you to get your share of voice on your market or by segment. 
  • In addition to User Intent, we have developed a People Also Ask Explorer in order to analyse the questions related to a specific term which is key to improving your content and giving you and your team further content ideas 
  • You will be able to access the new forecasting tool to help you predict potential uplifts to traffic and conversions, by optimising your existing ranking positions.
  • The reporting modules continue to allow you to automatically schedule customised,  SEO reports but now also give you a better interface and greater flexibility. For example, there is also a “Market Winners Report” that lets you see competitor opportunities. The platform is also integrated with Google Search Console.
  • New dashboards that allows you to create multiple summary views of your projects
  • We have released a series of self help guides on YouTube in our new platform so you can see where all your favourite features are

Here is an overview of the different features between the two platforms:

FeatureOld PlatformNew Platform
Market Analysis– Competitive Audit
– Market Share
– Visibility Explorer
– Market Visibility
– Campaign Visibility
All the features within one platform plus:
– 1 2 1 Comparison Recommendations
– Optimise Existing Content
– New Content Suggestion
Technical– Site Audit
– Crawl Health
– Page Speed
Content 360 – allowing you to have custom website crawls

The new platform identifies issues and provides recommendations for improvements
Keywords– Keyword Rankings
– Keyword Visits
– Universal Rankings
– Ranking Summaries
– Monthly Keyword Rankings
– Competitor Rankings
– Keyword Potential
– Keyword Research
– FAQ Explorer
All what you had in the previous platform plus:

Rank tracking by tag group to have a more fair and thorough analysis of your keywords 
Multi-options ranking per company (eg one project daily, while the other weekly)

Drilldown on a keyword level allowing users to analyse page flux and keyword cannibalisation
Page level optimisation with GA engagement metrics
Forecasting – use the forecasting tool to identify traffic expectations when seeing new terms
Media value metrics – allowing users to know value of the organic traffic in monetary terms
User intent metrics – find out the intent of the user at a keyword level
Pages– Top Pages
– Content Analysis
– Indexation
– Unindexed Pages
– Keyword Density
– Image Errors
Instead of “Pages” this currently falls under the Keywords section
Links– Link Analysis
– Domain Analysis
– Competitor Links
– Link Referrals
– Lost Links
– Inbound:Outbound domains
– Outbound Links
– Link Building
View link data to your domain or keyword and export easily

Author Discovery – find out what writers are the most influential

We do not have links over time in the new platform but we will be looking into including that over the next few months
ResultsThe results section will cease to exist in V7. This is on our long-term roadmap to be replaced, however with a new ‘Analytics’ section.
Search ConsoleIn V7, you have direct integration with Google Search Console in the interface. Connect with your Google Analytics and immediately view the impression, clicks and CTR
Reporting– View Reports
– Create Reports
Now with V7 it is even easier to schedule reports
Set up alerts by ranking position and places
Universal results reporting – visibility share

Dashboards are fully customisable  – choose the data and design you want

There are pre-build tailored templates to save time time with multiple design and formatting options
TasksCreate, explore and manage tasksCreate, export and manage tasks in an easy to use interface

You will be able to access all of your data just as you did before, just now on our shiny new platform. 

You’ll notice that the user interface has been streamlined, so if you have any questions about what this means for you and need any help with the transition, please book an appointment with your account manager, Tina, Sam or Raphaël.

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