v.5.4.5 – Baidu keyword ranking support!

We released version 5.4.5 this morning which added support for keyword ranking checks on Baidu. A good number of our customers were asking us to add this, because they had web properties in China or customers with websites targeting the Chinese market.

China, is of course, the most populous nation on earth, so whilst we already provided support for keyword ranking checks on google.cn, it was necessary to add Baidu support due to its overall size (~531m daily users) and its market share dominance in China.

To add Baidu support to a campaign, just add an additional campaign, or edit your existing search engines (use the Quicklinks menu) and add Baidu as an additional search engine.

When we run keyword ranking checks, you’ll notice that the Baidu rankings will show up under a column with a blue panda pawprint.

Please note that, at the moment, this support is for Baidu (Global) using Simplified Han as the interface language (the only language they currently support). For the time being, we don’t offer support for baidu.jp.

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