Version 4.4.1 Released!

Analytics SEO Version 4.4.1 has been released as a minor update as promised in our recent webinar to deliver as many new features as possible before Christmas.

Main elements of the update include:

  1. Delegate to user released.
  2. Non-linking References / Citations component has been retired.
  3. DMOZ and Yahoo Directory components to be deprecated and made available as link prospects instead.
  4. All tables can now be downloaded to CSV in one click.
  5. New Keyword Ranking History reports have gone live.


User Delegation

Accessing tasks now gives the option to assign tasks to users, which are made available in each task page and also in the workload tab. The workload tab is most useful as you are able to quickly view, filter and reorder all the tasks in one place.

You have the ability to filter by the status and who the tasks are assigned to, being two of the most powerful features of user delegation. In a couple of clicks you can also export the data into Excel to help your project planning and project management. 


Download Tables to CSV

Now all tables can be easily exported to Excel in CSV format in one click from each component.

This is one of our favourite new features as it just makes the data almost instant to access when you are reviewing a website in detail.



Keyword Ranking History Reports

Again, a really useful new feature. A report has been added so you can quickly export all of your historical keyword ranking data by campaign.

You can find this as an option added to the existing reports, simply click the export icon then select "Keyword Ranking History" in the drop down menu, this report will return weekly rankings for all of your monitored keywords.











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