Version 4.7.2. is here!

Hot on the heels of our 4.7.1. update earlier this month, we’ve already deployed another enhancement, this time to the link prospecting side of the software.

We’ve now added another 11 metrics to the task tables for the components where you can view link prospects by type (blogs, forums, directories, etc.).

Here’s a complete list of the new metrics:

  • Domain Citation Flow: the domain’s Citation Flow score
  • Domain Inbound Links: the number of inbound links to this domain.
  • Domain PR (PageRank): the domain’s PageRank
  • Domain Ref Domains: the number of referring domains to this domain
  • Domain Trust Flow: the domain’s TrustFlow score
  • Page Citation Flow: the page’s Citation Flow score
  • Page Inbound Links: the number of inbound links to that page
  • Page Outbound Links: the number of outbound links on that page
  • Page Ref Domains: the number of individual referring domains linking to that page
  • Page Ref IPs: the number of individual referring IPs linking to that page
  • Page Ref Subnets: the numbering of unique referring C-class subnets linking to that page
  • Page TrustFlow: that page’s TrustFlow score
  • Description: the meta description stripped from this page (or the homepage if it’s a prospective domain).

As you can see, you can now target either by domain:

…or by page. 

targeting blogs for link prospects

You’ll notice we’ve also widened these task tables to fill the whole screen to make it easier for you to work with all this extra data.

The tables are filterable and sortable in the normal way, and you can of course download all this data should you wish to run your own formulas within Excel or OpenOffice.

If you need a full explanation of how to work with these link prospect tables, please read pp.92-95 of the latest copy of our user manual – downloadable from this link:

Analytics SEO User Manual

All this work had been part of a larger update we were planning to launch shortly in a major update to the Off Site/Link Building section of the software; however, we decided we couldn’t keep all this juicy data to ourselves for much longer, so we decided to drip feed some of the new data into the platform sooner rather than later. We hope you like it.

Keep an eye out for the major link building update which is due in the next few weeks! It’s going to be "something else"!

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By: Matt OToole

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