Version 4.7.5 Is Now Live

We are happy to announce that version 4.7.5 is now live! The new features in this update are:

  • New filtering capability for the Monitored Keywords chart
  • New description for ranks of over 100
  • Ability to delete a campaign (admin users only)

"Sorry, you’re unranked!" Ranks of over 100 will now be presented as >100 rather than 101, which should help to clarify the true meaning of the results that you are presented with. It will also make this clearer to new users of the software, and help to make your reports clearer.

Filter the Monitored Keywords chart by Keyword Groups We have also added the opportunity to filter the Monitored Keywords chart using the keyword groups you set up. This is a really powerful new addition to the software and should be a great time saving tool if you’re monitoring lots of keywords on the platform and want to break the ranking changes down into different groups or buckets.

Deleting unwanted campaigns

You can add an unlimited number of campaigns to each domain you add to the platform, but should you wish to do a little housekeeping and delete any campaigns you no longer need, you can now do this from the My Sites section.


This should make it easier to find and see at a glance all the campaigns that you are working on.

As usual, we’ve updated the user manual to reflect these changes.

Please keep an eye out for the next blog post on version 4.7.6 which is currently going through our testing phase and will be released soon.

By: Anna Champ

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