Version 4.7.6 Is Out There!

We are pleased to report that version 4.7.6 went live last week, including a few nice updates to the software. The main features of this update are:

  • updated multi-site dashboard overview table
  • support for additional variants of Google, Yahoo and Bing in keyword rank checks
  • improved keyword rank check process to eliminate localised search results
  • improved support for translatable public site (in order to support the new French version, especially)


*NEW* Multi-site Dashboard Table options

The update to the multi-site dashboard now allows you to filter the data by a greater and more flexible range of date sets. There is now the option to compare your chosen date range with either the equivalent period directly before (such as the preceding week/month) or the equivalent period from the previous year, helping you to keep a close eye on movements in key metrics across a range of sites.

In all, we allow you to show any or all of the following metrics in the multi-site dashboard (in either the grid or the table view). This is a complete list of the current options:

And if you want to display all this data at once, we’ve now added a neat little ‘expand table’ option:

Simply click here to toggle between a compact and an expanded table.

The next update should also see us add the following metrics:

  • 1st Page Keyword ranks (+ change over the selected period)
  • Keywords generating Organic visits (+change over the selected period)
  • Bounce Rate (+change over the selected period)
  • New Backlinks (+change over the selected period)

Additional Search Engine support

In addition to this, we have also increased the global variations of Google, Bing and Yahoo that we cater for in our keyword rank checker:


In all, we added another 9 variants in this update:

  • Google (Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and UAE)
  • Bing (New Zealand)
  • Yahoo (New Zealand and Romania)

As always we have updated our user manual to reflect these changes in the software, and a more detailed account of these updates can be found there.

We’re always working on improving our software and have already begun work on version 4.7.7. If there are any features that you would like to see in our software please get in touch or contact us through our feedback form.

By: Matt OToole

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