Version 4.7 Launched With Duck Duck Go Support!

We are pleased to announce that version 4.7 just went live! As always, the new features that we have included in this update have been driven by our customers and their experience with the software, and we’re always keen to hear any other suggestions for features that we could include in a future update.

The use of Duck Duck Go SERPs is really exciting and we believe we’re the first SEO software business to utilise their high quality results! This has been implemented as a transitional phase for our new suite of link building tools scheduled for release in the near future. This release helps to reinforce our commitment to innovation in search marketing.

The change has happened as a short term quick fix to improve our automated link prospects where we tested Duck Duck Go, Blekko, Bing, Yahoo and of course Google. The tests included looking at some really competitive markets and we found that Duck Duck Go delivered the highest quality results for potential link prospects and offered solid international support. The update has also deprecated a number of components as a conservative measure including link building activities that have become higher risk, such as high volume directory submissions.

Due to the focus on higher quality link building since Google Penguin, its now a good idea to be more careful than ever when building links. There will be more information and advice coming from us soon about Penguin, so watch this space…

The features of this update include:

  • Updated link prospecting process with results from Duck Duck Go.
  • Deprecation of link building components that relied on hard coded lists e.g. directories and article directories.
  • Pricing support for Euros.
  • Updated test for paged indexed in Bing.

The main feature of this update is undoubtedly the new link prospecting process. We have always worked hard to provide our customers with the best link prospects, but since the Panda and Penguin updates we have had to review the manner in which our software does this. In order to ensure that we provide our customers with a high quality of link prospects we have deprecated Google hacks in the software, and have translated them into Duck Duck Go equivalents. Duck Duck Go has a real focus on returning less spam and more targeted results, and we believe that we are the first SEO software company to be using them in this way, though I’m sure we won’t be the last!

We found that the Google hacks were returning a high volume of low quality links (Google really needs to do something about all those spammy sites…;-), and our tests have shown that using Duck Duck Go provides fewer, but higher quality link prospects. This should offer a great time saving as you can focus on targeting links that will really help your campaign.

We felt that this was important to achieve as the general consensus of the community (and we tend to agree with this) is that large volumes (or high percentages) of your link profile consisting of generic and less editorial or relevant links isn’t the most sensible practice any more. In the light of the new updates we are confident that the suggestions generated by Duck Duck Go are of a greater quality and thus of greater use.

To use the new Duck Duck Go prospects simply navigate to the new "Add New Link Propsects" component and add a maximum of 10 keywords that will be used to generate link prospects from Duck Duck Go.

These are temporary changes as part of the transition to the new link building tool (where Google support will return with a number of others engines), but we are confident they will have a really positive impact on the existing tools. The new link building tools will be an improvement on the current link building tools and should take into account the post-Penguin link landscape.

Please note: As this is a temporary measure, we have not purged the previous link prospects that the software provided. So it is only with new campaigns and new keywords where you will be able to see the links solely provided by Duck Duck Go, but we still think that this is a great improvement and we hope that you think so too! Please raise a support ticket if you would like us to purge your historical link prospects so you are left with only Duck Duck Go prospects.

If you have any questions about this then please get in touch. You can contact us via the feedback form, Twitter via @analyticsseo or by calling one of our friendly team on +44 (0) 208 977 4465. 

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By: Stephen Lock

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