Version 5.04 Is Now Live

This morning Version 5.04 of our software went live. This update is part of our dedication to make this software truly world class and to ensure that customers get the best service from the software and us.

The new features in this update are:

  • in-app upgrades – users can now upgrade their packages (including changing currency) within the application
  • API updates – we’ve added some new functionality to the API to help big customers manage their sites
  • Drupal core and third party module functional and security updates

The main change for users is the ability to upgrade their account within the software.

If you wish you upgrade your package you can simply visit My Sites and the Orders tab where you can select "Upgrade Package".

This takes you to this page, where you can select which package you’d like to upgrade to. The details of each package is presented to you, enabling you to easily chose the package that now suits your requirements. You are also able to chose monthly or annual billing at this point and can change the currency that you’re paying in.

As always we have plenty of plans for the future of the software but if you have ideas on what we should be working on then please get in touch.

By: Anna Champ

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