Version 5.1.4 – Adding OAuth Support for Google Analytics API

Version 5.1.4 has now gone live! This version adds OAuth support for Google Analytics API integration. We are continuing to support the old ClientLogin authentication mechanism, but we recommend all our customers adding new sites use OAuth.

OAuth has the following advantages:

  • support for Google accounts using two-factor authentication
  • support for Google accounts with weak passwords
  • customers no longer have to either enter their Google account details on our site or grant access to a profile to our Google account
  • API access continues to work if customers change their Google account password
  • this is Google’s recommended authentication mechanism – the old ClientLogin method will be switched off in 2015

You can grant access to Google Analytics using OAuth in the campaign settings (step 4). You can simply select the first option and choose the right profile (make sure you allow popups for the site).

We’re always happy to hear from customers and to hear any feedback so please do contact us through our feedback form. We look forward to hearing from you!

By: Mark Bennett

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