Version 5.1 – a Whopper of an Update!

I’m very happy to say that Version 5.1 of our software is now live! This update includes some features that we’ve been wanting to integrate for some time, so it’s very exciting for us to finally have them live. It’s quite a large update as it includes a whole new component of the software as well as adding some great new metrics to older components.

We’ve added data on social engagements to a number of components in the system which we expect will be a great benefit to our users.

The features in this update are:

  • Authorship Analysis
  • A *BRAND NEW* Link Referral component
  • New social and link data added to Most Popular Landing Pages
  • A new and simpler *Link Research tool*
  • We’ve also retired some unnecessary components (e.g. Deep Link Ratio task data is now in the Backlink Analysis task status and we’ve retired the Poor Anchor Text and Determine Link Strategy components, pending a re-design).


#1: Authorship

With Content Marketing becoming an increasing presence in SEO, Authorship and the rumoured Author Rank are becoming more and more important. Knowing this and understanding how important it is to be at the forefront of the SEO industry we have included Authorship information in the software.

This allows you to find the authors that are ranking for your monitored keywords and this can be of great value in a couple of ways:

  • Link building – in terms of locating active bloggers and relevant sites for your industry.
  • Content Marketing – you have an overview of the content that your competitors are producing and ranking for and you can use this information to focus and direct your own content marketing efforts.
  • It also gives you a strong idea of what the most popular topics are, based on the number of authors ranking for that topic.

You are provided with information on the number of authors that are ranking for your monitored keywords. You can find this information within Universal Search and in the detailed Monitored Keywords and Keyword Research task tables.

(To see any of these images larger simply click on them)

Clicking into these metrics will give you a detailed list of all the authors that are ranking for that particular keyword as well as more monitored keywords that they are ranking for and the particular URLs that are ranked. Below is an example of the information that you will receive.

If you want to go deeper, you can click on the link under each author showing how many of your other Monitored Keywords this author is ranking for…

and the next screen will give you this breakdown:

At a glance, this then confirms whether this author is particularly focused on writing articles about your particular niche. In short, it goes some way towards helping you to quickly understand who the main authorities in key verticals are and who you might want to approach as link partners and/or content writers.


#2: Link Referrals

This brand new addition to the Outreach tab draws in data from both your Google Analytics account and Majestic SEO and will show you, at a glance, how effective your link building is being in contributing to your website’s goals. In one place, you can see the number of visitors that you’ve received from different referring domains and the number of links from this site, helping you to understand the key sources of your referral traffic which can help you to further focus and plan your outreach strategies.

What traffic are your referring domains bringing you?

How many links do you get from each domain and how many of those were Campaign Links (i.e. ones your team have built)?

How much revenue has actually flowed into your site from these links?

Hopefully, you’ll find that this component now helps you to answer such questions!


#3: *New* Link Building Tool – Phase 1

We’ve some ambitious development plans for the link building section of the platform and this release marks Phase 1 in that process. This particular piece of this release has taken almost a year to complete!

The new process is much simpler and much more efficient than before. The platform still allows you to analyse your competitors’ backlink profiles and target common link prospects, as well as automatically generating additional link prospects (from However, all this data is now accessible from one simple menu item:

Simply load this component and click on the big green “Start Link Building” button and you’ll be presented with a task table full of useful link prospects and their accompany Majestic SEO and social sharing metrics:

Look at all that data!! And it’s all sortable and filterable. Are you only interested in targeting a certain type of link? Or do you want to focus on link prospects with a Page Citation Flow of 20-50 and a Trustflow of 30-60 with a decent level of social sharing activity? It will take about 5 seconds for you to filter this table and narrow your targets down!! Then just work the target as normal (use the icons on the right) and you can use the in-built task management workflow to track how successful your link building efforts are being…. and then of course, use the new Link Referral component (above) to determine whether those nice new links you’re acquiring are actually helping to generate revenue and other goals for the website! Nice, huh?

In all, there are now 24 different link and social metrics you can use! Here’s a complete breakdown:

Domain Metrics: Page Level Metrics: Social Sharing Metrics: Other Data:
Domain Inbound Links Page Inbound Links FB Comments Prospect Type
Domain Outbound Links Page Outbound Links FB Shares Competitors
Domain Ref Domains Page Ref Domains Google+ Meta Description
Domain Ref IPs Page Ref IPs Tweets
Domain Ref Subnets Page Ref Subnets LinkedIn Shares
Domain Citation Flow Page Citation Flow Delicious
Domain Trust Flow Page Trust Flow Stumbles

So this new tool provides detailed information on all the URLs that have been generated or added as link prospects. All this information helps you to decide which links to pursue by giving you more information on these links, helping you to create a stronger and more focused link building campaign. You can sort the table by whichever metric is most important to you and thus easily find the links that are most appropriate for your needs.

We’ve renovated this whole area of the platform to make it more efficient and much simpler – relocating a number of link building tasks here to make all your data quicker and easier to find. The Outreach tab will be looking quite different now, but don’t worry, you’ve not lost any features we’ve just integrated them into this one component for ease of access. In addition to this we’ve added some exciting new features for you, which should be a great help in your link building efforts.

Within this same component you will find the buttons to: Research New Links By Keyword, Import New Links and Import Existing Links. This offers the same functionality we provided in the old Add New Link Prospects component.

All this data should help you to keep track of your link building campaign and find the links that are most relevant and useful for you.


#4: Most Popular Landing Pages – now with Social & Link data!

This component has been updated to include a range of new metrics including detailed information on the links to this page. We have also included data from Majestic SEO on the Trust Flow and Citation Flow for that page, along with other Majestic metrics. Furthermore, in addition to this data, there is also data on the type and quantity of social interactions with this page. All this data will help you to track the success of your link building and content marketing campaigns. It will also provide you with a clear indication of how and where users are engaging with your pages, helping you to focus and manage your social media profiles.

Here’s a breakdown of the type of metrics, you can analyse with this component:

Page Level Metrics: Social Sharing Metrics: Other Data:
Page Inbound Links FB Comments Organic Visits in the last 30 days
Page Outbound Links FB Shares
Page Ref Domains Google+
Page Ref IPs Tweets
Page Ref Subnets LinkedIn Shares
Page Citation Flow Delicious
Page Trust Flow Stumbles

I hope that you’ll find these new components helpful – we’ll be updating the manual shortly and you’ll find more advanced information on the use of these components there. In the meantime if you have any questions about these new features, or the software in general, then please do get in touch.

By: Anna Champ

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  • GPMDPaulRogers
    10/04/2013 10:35

    Some great new features in this release, I’ve tried out the new authorship info and the social / links page-level report and they’re both really useful.

    Also think some of the recent changes to the interface have improved the UX a lot.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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