Version 5.5.2 – 9 more search engine variants added!

Yesterday, we deployed another update, adding support for another 9 search engine variants to the platform (all as a result of customer requests).

In case, you don’t recognize the flags, these are:

  • Google Latvia
  • Google Lithuania
  • Google Estonia
  • Google Cyprus
  • Google Iraq
  • Google Macedonia
  • Google Tanzania
  • Google Uganda
  • Yahoo Japan

Remember, to add these to an existing campaign, just use the “Add/Edit Search Engines” Quicklinks menu option and add them on. We’ll then run a keyword ranking update job to add rankings for these search engines into your existing campaign (NB: you can add up to 20 search engine choices per campaign).

We hope that those of you who are carrying out international SEO campaigns find this extra functionality useful. Further updates are around the corner…

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