Versions 4.4.5 & 4.4.6 Launched This Week!

Our engineering team have been extremely busy these last two weeks with another burst of minor updates that focus on four main areas:

  • Application speed and performance.
  • Making it easier to work on large volumes of websites (100+).
  • Customer specific feedback that has led to many small enhancements across the entire platform.
  • Reporting enhancements – including bulk scheduling of reports./li>

Version 4.4.5

The following parts of the software have had minor enhancements implemented:

  • Recently added keywords filter – its now really easy to find the new keyword data from Google Analytics.
  • Keyword research section tables.
  • Right hand table columns – have now been fixed to improve usability.
  • Adding custom tasks – fix to improve stability.
  • Tracked link prospects – fixed ocassionally duplicated link prospects.
  • Additional foreign character support – our crawler now supports URL’s with foreign character encoding.
  • Google Webmaster Tools – updated status messages, we are also still waiting for improvements to their API or inclusion into the Google Analytics API.
  • Multiple currencies added in Google Analytics – including Swedish and Israeli currency support.
  • Filtered columns in table CSV export – tables exported now reflect the filtered display in the GUI.
  • Enhancements to SEMRush market data – market data is now matched more accurately to geographical markets.
  • Priority Action Grid (PAG) positioning – new issues are presented under the display so you can decide how to prioritise them:

The most significant new functionality is the bulk report scheduling feature, where reports against many sites on your account can now be scheduled in one go.



Version 4.4.6

Version 4.4.6 has the following minor features:

  • User permissions enhanced with the “add sites” permission – non-admin users can now add sites to the platform.
  • Scheduled reports validation.
  • Campaign name added to reports. 
  • Re-labelling keyword rank changes – labels been revised to improve usability.
  • Fix custom report creation layout. 
  • Whitelabel support for access denied page. 
  • Export button added My Sites page – so now reports can be run directly from the My Sites page, with no need to wait for the site to load first.

A key new feature is the ability to create custom reports for all sites through the custom report wizard:


Analytics SEO Needs You!

Its impossible to build the perfect SEO software without input and feedback from the SEO community and customers. Please let us know about any enhancements or features you would like to see and we promise we will do our best to make this happen in a future release!

Versions 4.4.5 and 4.4.6 in particular show our commitment to our customers as the minor releases have been dominated by customer requests!

Is there an idea you have had to automate mundane tasks that are currently taking you too long? Simply email us via the feedback form or let us know via Twitter: @stevejlock or @analyticsseo.

By: Stephen Lock

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