Weekly roundup

There has been lots a-foot in the industry this week, even more than usual! This is just a selection some of the news and blogs that we’ve been reading this week, and that we hope you’ll also find useful.

So Penguin 2.0 went live in the middle of the week – it’s still a little early to tell, but tentatively it seems not to have been too bad. But feel free to disagree in the comments if I’ve got this monstrously wrong! Matt Cutts has said that they expect this to affect about 2.3% of searches in English. I hope that you haven’t been hit too hard, in fact, I hope that you’ve seen a positive impact as a result of this – it has to happen to some people! Mr Cutts released this video a few weeks ago which let us know what was coming. This is a useful video in that it gives a clear indication of what their long term goals are (aside from world domination of course):

Over on Search Engine Watch there was this interesting post (The Myth of Content Marketing, the New SEO and Penguin 2.0) about the Content Marketing/SEO relationship, because there can never be enough posts on this. This article is really interesting and definitely worth a read, particularly if you are new to these concepts.

Next up was the news that Google have launched Conversational Search which is great fun, apparently. I’ve actually had some trouble seeing this at work, but you can take a look over at Search Engine Land to see how it works. It’s still in a fairly early stage, but it’s pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to this progressing to sci-fi levels of awesome human/computer interaction.

The good people over at Blueclaw are releasing videos of some of the talks from IonSeach, so if you missed the event then be sure to take a look at these. At the moment you can view talks on ‘What’s Next In Search’ and ‘Rapid-Fire Content Marketing’, with more being made available soon. These should make some nice lunchtime viewing for you 🙂

Some other interesting posts this week include:

From 17 visits to 32,336 in 24 hours via Interactually

– Inside Google’s Secret Lab via Business Week

Google Tag Manager: An Attempt to Understand and Install via Attacat

Have a great bank holiday weekend, I hope no one is going to be spending it wrestling penguins!

By: Anna Champ

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